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Through Heartland Bank Limited, PGG Wrightson is able to offer a unique range of rural finance and investment products to its customers.

Heartland Bank is 100% New Zealand controlled, operated and managed. All of Heartland Bank’s lending is in relation to New Zealand based assets or businesses, and spread across the country and over many sectors. When you invest with Heartland Bank, your deposit helps fund small-to-medium sized business, farms and families in your region. It is these businesses and farms that make up the productive sector of our economy, create jobs for thousands of Kiwis, and are vital to New Zealand’s long-term prosperity.

Heartland Bank has developed a range of products designed to support the essential needs of productive New Zealanders.

Why invest with Heartland Bank?

Heartland Bank’s lending is diversified across small-to-medium sized business, rural and household sectors, and geographically across New Zealand to reduce risk. It offers flexible options and competitive interest rates with customers receiving service with a personal touch.

Term Deposits
  • Terms range from 1 month to 5 years
  • You can tailor your investment to your required time horizon and income needs
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual interest options are available
  • Online viewing of accounts
Savings Optimiser
  • A higher interest savings account with no set term
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Online viewing of your account
  • Minimum investment $2,000
Rural Saver
  • On call investments offering a highly competitive interest rate
  • Internet banking provides easy access your funds
  • Interest is compounded monthly
Credit Current Accounts
  • Provides you with 24 hour access to your funds with Heartland Bank’s Transactional Services
  • Interest is compounded monthly

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