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Winter Star II

Sowing rate:
Pure sward 25+ kg/ha
Undersowing 14+ kg/ha

  • Ideal between maize crops
  • Fast to establish
  • Quick, early feed for grazing or silage
  • Ideal for undersowing into existing pastures
  • Improved spring production and quality
  • Autumn sow for high yields of quality autumn, winter and spring feed

Winter Star II tetraploid annual ryegrass is suitable for quick winter feed with improved spring quality making it ideal for silage and hay production. Winter Star II tetraploid annual ryegrass is high yielding with fast establishment giving excellent autumn growth. As a tetraploid, Winter Star II tetraploid annual ryegrass has excellent feed quality and rapid establishment



Sowing rate:
Pure sward 20-25 kg/ha
Undersowing 12-15 kg/ha

  • Excellent second year production potential
  • Low aftermath seed head for a true Italian
  • Asset is a dense cultivar suited to winter grazing
  • Asset is ideal for silage production 

Asset was the first Italian ryegrass available with AR37 endophyte. This improves the persistency of Asset by providing improved insect protection. It should be noted that Asset AR37 may cause ryegrass staggers.

Asset AR37 is characterised by quickly returning to a leafy pasture post-summer grazing. This low aftermath seed head characteristic makes Asset AR37 ideal for undersowing into dairy pastures, or for irrigated run-offs where it may be used for winter grazing, then high quality spring and summer silage.


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