Liquid Feed Range: Molasses

One of the most commonly used types of liquid feeds throughout New Zealand is feedgrade molasses. Supplied through our partnership with GrainCorp Feeds, the feedgrade range of molasses is called Liquidpro, it is a new exclusive range of innovative liquid blends. 

Molasses is derived from cane sugar and is characterised by its great palatability and flexibility of use. Using proven techniques, GrainCorp Feeds has developed the ability to suspend a range of additives within a base of molasses. Choose from one of the standard blends and add extra additives if required. LiquiPro blends offer a hassle free approach to liquid feeding, not only saving time on-farm, but also providing the ability to eliminate the risk of feed refusal which can be associated with commonly used additives.

The key benefits of the LiquiPro blended range of molasses is: 

  • Palatable for easy uptake
  • Can help stimulate appetite and improve feed conversion
  • Innovative and an easy way of adding minerals to your cows diet
  • Hassle free, no on-farm mixing, additional hardware or outlay required
  • Stored in the GrainCorp ISO accredited storage and blending facility

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