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IHC Calf & Rural Scheme

The IHC Calf & Rural Scheme proudly supported by PGG Wrightson has been raising money to support people with intellectual disabilities for 33 years. In this time, farmers from across New Zealand have helped raise over $25 million and donated over 128,000 calves and virtual calves.

DairyNZ and Allflex have teamed up with IHC and PGG Wrightson Livestock to offer an alternative solution to reach a $1 million funding target without increasing the risk of spreading Mycoplasma bovis.

IHC Calf And Rural Scheme

Due to the very real risk of spreading M. bovis, IHC has decided for the first time in 33 years to suspend crucial aspects of its Calf and Rural Scheme. This includes picking up weaned calves or holding IHC Calf Sale Days.

IHC National Manager Fundraising Greg Millar says it was a difficult decision, but is heartened by the support for alternative options. 

“Although the M. bovis disease will change the way we do some things, we can’t let it change who we are, our values and sense of community,” he says.

There are now two options for farmers if they wish to donate money to IHC, which will be used to provide vital support and information to families with a child who has an intellectual disability.

  • Dairy farmers can make a ‘virtual’ calf donation in lieu of a real calf (which many people have already generously donated).
  • Or, select a calf on their farm, tag it with an IHC pink ear tag, or DairyNZ tag and sell that calf as part of the normal sale of surplus calves and donate those proceeds to IHC.

How to sell your calf and make proceeds to IHC:

  1. Make contact with a local transporter to arrange collection
  2. Advise a local rep that a calf is going to sale
  3. Clearly write on the ASD Form – ‘IHC Calf’
  4. Tag and register the IHC donated calf or calves using NAIT RFID tags 

Donate today

With your help, IHC can make New Zealand a better place for people with an intellectual disability.

Phone North Island: 0800 442 500

Phone South Island: 0800 442 886



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Where does your money go?

  • Supporting families and children with intellectual disabilities.
  • Supporting 1,000 volunteers across New Zealand.
  • Funding local Volunteer Associations to provide Advocacy and support to families in need across New Zealand.
  • Maintaining New Zealand’s most comprehensive library on information relating to intellectual disability.
  • Running a community awareness programme, Take a moment with us.
  • Providing Advocacy and Self Advocacy for all people with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand.
  • Enhancing the living environments of IHC’s 850 homes and other facilities throughout the country.

IHC Calf and Rural Scheme

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