Rural Landscape

Helping grow
the country


We are committed to protecting our natural environment for future generations. This means balancing issues of environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability to make a valuable contribution to the future of our country, our communities and the rural business sectors we operate in.

As an organisation, we are aware of the changing focus of farming and increasing pressure on the sector to operate in a sustainable manner. Many of our activities are designed to meet the demand for more sustainable farming practices. As part of initiatives to help our customers clear more waste, we provide logistical support to the leading product stewardship programme Agrecovery. This programme collects and recycles more than 500 tonnes of plastic from farmers and growers every year.

We play a role in a range of activities such as regional drought and flood management efforts throughout the country. Using our resources, we aim to develop and deliver products and services to help our customers operate with increased efficiency and effectiveness, now and into the future.

We appreciate the importance of making a positive contribution to the communities and natural environments in which we operate, to ensure a sustainable future for all.


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