Rural Landscape

Helping grow
the country

Our Purpose

For over 160 years PGG Wrightson have worked alongside New Zealand farmers to service their on-farm needs, supporting our common goal of helping grow the country.  Our vision as a group is to be Leaders in the Field. This means being a trusted partner to our customers and being leaders in all that we do. 

We help our farmers and growers:

  • Grow and provide superior nutrition, crops, animals and produce
  • Continually improve productivity and profitability from their land (the country)

We help our country grow:

  • By improving the contribution of agriculture to the whole economy of the country we work in
  • By championing the importance of agriculture and rural communities
  • We are the first company people think of when they want to invest


Our Vision and Values


Our people are key to our business success. Our values (the ALIST) drive how we need to behave and interact to achieve our purpose and vision.


Stand by our word, meet commitments.

Be accountable to our customers and each other.


Set standards and exceed expectations.

Take action and strive to excel.

Lead through innovation.


Operate ethically and with integrity.

Treat others with respect.

Act professionally.


Be more effective and efficient.

Think, decide and act quickly

Learn from mistakes, celebrate success.


Share knowledge and information.

Work together to create solutions.

Think and act as One PGW.

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