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MPI Animal Welfare Legislation

PGG Wrightson (PGW) is committed to the welfare of all animals in our care and we require all clients to comply with animal welfare legislation and avoid mistakes that could result in harm to our animals and one or both of us being prosecuted.

To comply with the animal welfare legislation, PGW will not accept calves, or other animals, at saleyards, unless they meet the minimum requirements of “Fit for Transport” as set out in the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) Codes and Regulations. If you present calves, or other animals that do not comply with the Regulations, or Code, the following will occur:

We will reject it prior to unloading. If this happens we strongly recommend you seek veterinary advice before transporting the animal as you may be further harming the animal and could be prosecuted.

We will isolate any suspect animals that have been unloaded, and have them inspected by a vet. Based on the Vet’s assessment the animal will either be cleared for sale and transport, or euthanised. We cannot legally return a live animal which has been deemed by a Vet to be not fit for transport to you or a transporter.

The MPI Codes of Welfare relating to the management of animals, including transport and sale, can be found here. This includes links to all relevant guides and regulations, including the recent calf regulations. Expand the Transport of Animals section for details. MPI have also created a mobile app describing the requirements for an animal to be “Fit for Transport”. Search “Fit for Transport” in your App store and download it. It only takes two minutes and will be a very useful guide.

PGW take our responsibilities towards animals in our care very seriously and cannot in any way treat or allow others to treat, calves, or other animals in breach of the Regulations. MPI will be inspecting saleyards, and any breaches observed by them may result in prosecution of the saleyard, transporter, and vendor. By working together we can avoid this.

Thank you for your help and ongoing support. If you have any queries please contact MPI or PGW’s National Operations Manager, Gavin Jeffcoat.


For any queries please call the PGG Wrightson Livestock Team on 0800 10 22 76.

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