Ram Sales

Ram Sales

Breeding better business.

Get specialist ram advice for high performance commercial and stud stock. 

PGG Wrightson Genetics is a nationwide team of livestock breeding professionals, passionate about improving farm productivity through genetics.

Our team are backed by the largest livestock network in New Zealand and are able to source a huge variety of sheep genetics to suit your farm production requirements.

Our specialist team can also coordinate all aspects of your ram sales, from pre-sale client contact to post sale follow up, and offer expert knowledge, advice and support.

Contact your local Genetics Specialist for advice on ram selection and upcoming sales.

2020/21 Ram Sale Dates

Date Sale Location
10 Nov Mana Romney On Farm Gladstone
19 Nov BC Gallagher Beltex Ram Mt Somers
20 Nov Clifton Downs Southdown Ram Waimate
24 Nov Elite Charollais Feilding
25 Nov Pine Park On Farm Marton
25 Nov Hermiston Ram Lauriston
26 Nov Meadowslea Ram Fairlie
27 Nov Canterbury Elite Ram & Ewe Fair Canterbury Park
27 Nov Gisborne combined Ram Matawhero
30 Nov FA Fletcher Coopworth & Dorset Down Ram Heriot
1 Dec Pareora Downs Beltex Suftex Ram Taiko
1 Dec BA & SC Robertson Merrydowns Romney & Southdown Rams Waikoikoi
2 Dec Adelong Poll Dorset Ram Ellesmere
2 Dec Kiloran Polled Dorsert Ram Stortford Lodge
2 Dec Ratanui Terminal Ram Tolaga Bay
3 Dec The Gums, Half Bred, Quarter Bred, Dorset Down & South Dorset Down Cheviot
4 Dec Frontline Romney & Suffolk Ram Brightwater
4 Dec Maniototo Romney & Down Breeds Ram Ranfurly
4 Dec Red Oak Romney & Half Bred Ram Weka Pass
4 Dec Magahauhau Hampshires Matawhero
7 Dec Glengarry Poll Dorsert Ram Feilding
7 Dec GT Howie Suff/Tex & Texel Ram Milton
8 Dec PS Ponsonby Charollais & Charollais X Ram Gore
8 Dec NI Ram and Ewe Fair Manfield
10 Dec Turiroa Ram on Farm Wairoa
10 Dec Glenaffric South Suffolk & Corriedale Ram Waipara
11 Dec Adams & Seaton Suftex & Suffolk Ram Canterbury Park
11 Dec Kinnear Suff/Tex Ram & Mararoa Downs Te Anau
11 Dec Te Ruanui Poll Dorsert Ram Matawhero
17 Dec Wharetoa Genetics Ram Clydevale
15 Jan JDS Duncan Dorset Down, South Dorset, Halfbred Ram Ranfurly
19 Jan Gore A & P Ram Fair, All Breeds Gore
21 Jan Feilding Terminal Ram Feilding
22 Jan Armidale Fine Wool Genetics Ram Ranfurly
25 Jan DG Irwin South Suffolk & Texel X Ram Mataura
3 Feb T & F Anderson Tralee Downs Southdown Ram Winton
9 Feb Glenbrae Wiltshire Ewe and Lamb Porangahau
10 Feb MT & SM Day Wiltshire Ram & Ewe Winton
12 Feb Feilding All Breeds Feilding
9 Mar Glenrobin Stud BeltexX Ram Lamb Gore Showgrounds

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