Ram Sales

Ram Sales

Breeding better business.

Get specialist ram advice for high performance commercial and stud stock. 

PGG Wrightson Genetics is a nationwide team of livestock breeding professionals, passionate about improving farm productivity through genetics.

Our team are backed by the largest livestock network in New Zealand and are able to source a huge variety of sheep genetics to suit your farm production requirements.

Our specialist team can also coordinate all aspects of your ram sales, from pre-sale client contact to post sale follow up, and offer expert knowledge, advice and support.

Contact your local Genetics Specialist for advice on ram selection and upcoming sales.

2021/22 North Island Ram Sale Dates

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Date Sale Time Location
22-Oct Grassendale Terminal 1pm Masterton
4-Nov Waimai Romney 1pm Waimai Valley
5-Nov Nikau Coopworths 12.30pm Tuakau Saleyards
12-Nov Ashgrove Coopworths / Suftex 1pm Dargaville
15-Nov North Island Perendale 12pm Te Kuiti Saleyards
16-Nov Kirikau Coopworth 1pm Te Kuiti Saleyards
16-Nov Mana Romney 1.30pm Gladstone
16-Nov Raupuha Perendale/Romdales/Suffolk/Suftex 12pm Mahoenui
18-Nov Paparata Romney 12pm Ohura
19-Nov Kaahu Genetics, Shedding Sheep 1pm Whakamaru
22-Nov Shian, Romdales/ South Suffolk 12pm Taumaranui
23-Nov Goldstream Poll Dorset/Suffolk 12pm Te Kuiti Saleyards
23-Nov Pine Park Terminal/Coopworth 12.30pm Marton
24-Nov Kikitangeo Romney/Suffolk 12pm Wellsford
25-Nov Ipurua Wiltshire Shedding Sheep 2pm Aria
25-Nov Otangiwai Shedding Sheep 1pm Te Kuiti Saleyards
26-Nov Moerangi Wiltshire Shedding Sheep 1pm Te Kuiti Saleyards
26-Nov Rolling Rock Poll Dorset 1pm Ngaruawahia
26-Nov Gisborne Combined 12pm Matawhero
29-Nov Manu Poll Dorset 1pm Whangarei
1-Dec Kiloran Polled Dorset 2pm Stortford Lodge
1-Dec Ratanui Terminal 2pm Tologa Bay
2-Dec Argyle Romney 2pm Kaikohe
3-Dec Mangahauhau Hampshire's 12pm Matawhero
6-Dec Glengarry Poll Dorset 1pm Feilding
7-Dec NI Ram and Ewe Fair 10.30am Manfield
9 Dec Turiroa Ram on Farm 11am Wairoa
10-Dec Te Ruanui Poll Dorset 12pm Matawhero
21-Jan Feilding Terminal 12pm Feilding
9-Feb Glenbrae Wiltshire, Ram, Ewe, Lamb 12pm Porangahau

2021/22 South Island Ram Sale Dates

Click here to view the latest bidr® hybrid auctions and catalogues online bidr® Hybrid Livestream

Date Sale Time Location
18-Nov BC Gallagher Beltex 1.30pm Mt Somers
19-Nov Clifton Downs Southdown 1pm Waimate
24-Nov Hermiston Romney & Dorset Down 1pm Lauriston
25-Nov Meadowslea Maternal & Terminals 1pm Fairlie
26-Nov Canterbury Elite Ram & Ewe Fair 10am Canterbury Park
29-Nov FA Fletcher Coopworth & Dorset Down 1pm Heriot
30-Nov BA & SC Robertson Merrydowns Romney & Southdown 1pm Waikoikoi
1-Dec Pareora Downs Beltex Suftex 1pm Taiko
1-Dec Adelong Poll Dorset 2pm Ellesmere
2-Dec The Gums, Half Bred, Quarter Bred, Dorset Down & South Dorset Down 1pm Cheviot
3-Dec Frontline Romney & Suffolk 1pm Brightwater
3-Dec Maniototo Romney & Down Breeds 2.30pm Ranfurly
3-Dec Red Oak Romney & Half-Bred 1pm Weka Pass
6-Dec GT Howie Suff/Tex & Texel 1pm Milton
7-Dec PS Ponsonby Charollais & Charollais X 1pm Gore
9-Dec Glenaffric South Suffolk & Corriedale 2pm Waipara
10-Dec Adams & Seaton Suftex & Suffolk 1pm Canterbury Park
10-Dec Kinnear Suff/Tex Ram & Mararoa Downs 1pm Te Anau
17-Dec Wharetoa Genetics 12pm Clydevale
14-Jan JDS Duncan Dorset Down, South Dorset, Half-bred 1pm Ranfurly
18-Jan Gore A & P Ram Fair, All Breeds 10.30am Gore
19-Jan Mt Cass Station, Wiltshire Lamb and Ram 1pm Waipara
21-Jan Armidale Fine Wool Genetics 1.30pm Ranfurly
24-Jan DG Irwin South Suffolk & Texel X 11am Mataura
25-Jan Southern Shedding Sheep TBC Gore
2-Feb T & F Anderson Tralee Downs Southdown 1pm Winton
9-Feb MT & SM Day Wiltshire Ram & Ewe 1pm Winton
8-Mar Glenrobin Stud Beltex x Ram Lamb 2.30pm Gore Showgrounds

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