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Ask your PGG Wrightson Livestock Rep about buying and selling livestock online with bidr®.

We've joined up with bidr®, the innovative new online livestock auction platform, and together, whether you’re buying or selling, we've got the country covered.

PGG Wrightson Livestock bidr 

There are many benefits when using bidr.

For buyers it means greater market access, more information and more choice. When buying on bidr® you can bid safe in the knowledge you're backed by your local PGG Wrightson Livestock agent. Plus it also means less stock movement for animals.

As a seller you can benefit by being able to reach a national audience and leverage New Zealand's agent network, all from your own farm. Animals are transported directly from your farm too which reduces transport cost and improves animal welfare.

With PGG Wrightson Livestock and bidr® you're all set to bid, buy, sell all things rural.

Talk to your local Livestock Rep about bidr® now >

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