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Defer-A-Bull Terms and Conditions

Apply for Defer-A-Bull with PGG Wrightson today – a simple, cost effective solution when sourcing your dairy service bulls. Secure your bull team early with no repayments until bulls are sold.

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  • Defer A Bull purchase agreements must be approved prior to purchasing Bulls
  • Payment is deferred from the time of purchase until the agreed final repayment date (as entered in the contract)
  • Interest is calculated at 10% per annum for this period
  • The invoice amount will appear on your PGG Wrightson (PGW) statement as a forward dated payment - original purchase price plus the interest (purchase cost) - this amount is fixed and will not be adjusted for early repayment
  • Default interest will be payable on any outstanding amounts not paid by the “final repayment date”
  • Customers must have a PGG Wrightson Monthly Trade Account
  • All Bulls must be purchased and sold through PGW
  • Any difference between the original purchase price and the final re-sale value must be made up by the customer. This can be done by selling additional stock through PGW.
  • Eartag / NAIT numbers must be supplied to PGW at time of purchase
  • Full terms and conditions available on PGW Defer-A-Bull Purchase Agreement
  • Backed by PGG Wrightson's nationwide team of specialist dairy representatives.

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