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28 April 2020

COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Update

You may be wondering which products and services you will be able to access from Tuesday 28 April under Alert Level 3.

While some restrictions have eased slightly from operating as an essential business under Level 4, it’s vital that we continue to maintain physical distancing, hygiene protocols and contactless interactions with our customers at our stores and on-farm.

We’ve created strict operating procedures to keep our staff and customers safe, and we are working hard to ensure any interaction is within the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Safe Work Practices for Level 3 to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.

We’ve produced some guides outlining the services PGG Wrightson is able to provide across all parts of our business. For example, under Alert Level 3 you can continue to purchase products from our Rural Supplies and Fruitfed Supplies stores, our Wool stores are now open, buyer property viewings are permitted within the Real Estate business, water parts can be purchased and irrigation servicing can be undertaken, and our Reps are able to undertake necessary regional travel to visit properties and farms.

If you have an questions around how we can help support you and your business during this time, please reach out to us:


View the Alert Level 3 Guides

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Helpful FAQs for Retail Store Transactions

26 March 2020

We've provided some questions and answers you may have about doing business with our retail stores while we remain in COVID-19 Alert Level 4.

Click on the links below to see the FAQs:

Store Access >      Placing an Order >      Making a Payment >      Technical Advice >      Keeping in Touch >


Store Access

Are all your stores open?

Yes, currently all but one of our Rural Supplies and Fruitfed Supplies stores will remain open. Store opening hours may vary, so please check the store location details on our website for the latest information.

Are you going to change your trading hours?

We have ceased trading on Saturday for the period of lock-down. In the short term, we will continue to operate our stores from Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm. However, we will evaluate specific operating hours during the lock-down period, based on customer demand and business needs. For store opening hours please check the store location details on our website.

How do I access a store?

During the lock-down we will continue to operate our network of stores and our essential warehouse supplies facility, Agritrade and other supporting functions. When you access supplies from our stores during this period, we will implement a new range of operating protocols.

These protocols may be updated and reviewed from time to time, but here are some of the key operating arrangements you should expect:

  • when attending a store, you will be asked to remain at the store entrance while we collect your order; and
  • we will implement the collection and delivery of goods without physical contact and we will observe social distancing of two metres. Stores may have waiting spaces marked on the ground outside the store, so please wait in these spaces until your order is ready to collect.

For orders received by phone or email:

  • Small orders will be placed at the entrance to the store at your pre-arranged collection time or as you arrive; and
  • Large orders will be left outside the bulk store. If your bulk product requires a forklift to load it onto the back of your vehicle, you should ensure that you move two metres away from the vehicle to allow our staff to load your purchase.

Will you reduce the number of staff in store?

We want to keep the number of staff in our stores as low as possible, with a minimum of two staff in store at any time wherever feasible. Our staff will continue to do what they can to serve you in ways that mitigate and reduce the risks the COVID-19 pandemic presents to all of us, so please be understanding if your purchase takes longer than usual to process.


Placing an Order

What is the best way for me to place an order?

We are still open for walk-ups, but you will not be permitted inside the store, so you must place your order from behind the two-metre barrier. 

Our preferred method is for you to telephone your local store or rep in advance to arrange an order. Your order will be packed and made available for contactless collection at the store for a time that suits you. Where possible we will also organise deliveries to be dropped off to your farm at an agreed delivery point.

Can I order products by phone or email?

Yes - you can find your nearest store on our website which shows the physical address, open hours, email address and phone number for each store.

Which items can I purchase in store? Is there a limit on the number of items I can purchase?

Our stores are open for walk-ups, however we recommend you telephone your local store or rep in advance to arrange an order. To ensure there’s enough for everyone, it’s important to not panic and overstock. We are confident that we have ample product across our businesses to meet your essential needs and there is no need to buy more than your regular requirements.


Making a Payment

How can I pay for my purchases?

Our stores remain open for account sales and credit card payments only, not Eftpos or cash.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to also use alternatives, such as our Onto Farm ordering system, for ordering bulk supplies by phoning on 0800 ONTO FARM (0800 66 86 32) or by completing an online order form.

How will you process transactions safely?

If you have a trade account this will be used in the first instance. If you do not have an account with us, you can pay by credit card with your signature and our staff will wear gloves when handling your credit card.

I usually pay my account by cheque and receive cheques from you. Can cheques still be used?

If you usually pay your account by cheque there could be delays and consequent interest charges in processing the payment onto your account, due to the current restrictions. To ensure you settle your account on time please use online banking, the payment details are provided on invoices and statements and on our website under Payment Options.

Equally, there will be delays if we have to pay you by cheque, as our ability to print cheques is also limited. Therefore, to ensure we can pay you in a timely manner, please provide us with your bank account details, so we can direct credit your payment. It will be helpful if you can also provide your email address, in case we need to contact you. To ensure your bank details are correct, we require either:

  • a screenshot of the internet bank site showing your bank account number and name; or
  • a photo of the top of your bank statement showing your bank account number and name.

Can I get my account statement and invoices emailed?

Yes - emailed statements are much faster than post. You can sign up to emailed statements online. Please allow at least three working days prior to the due date shown on your account sale for this to be processed.

You can also register for Online Account Services to view your statements, invoices and transaction information available via a secure online portal.


Technical Advice

Can I still access the Technical Team for advice?

Our Technical Team will still be in contact by phone and email. In-field assessments may still be possible if they fall under the “essential services” government guidelines and can be carried out under appropriate isolation and social distancing protocols.


Keeping in Touch

How can I keep in touch about further updates?

The current situation is a good reminder that keeping in contact remotely is vital to continue to do business and help grow the country. We ask that you take this opportunity to provide us with your email address, so we can direct further updates and keep in touch with you about your account, including sending statements, invoices and account sales to you more quickly.

Please complete an online form with your contact details and email address, alternatively email us at enquiries@pggwrightson.co.nz

If you have further questions which are not covered here, please submit your question in an online enquiry form.


COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Update

14 May 2020

PGG Wrightson will continue to do our bit to 'play it safe' at Alert Level 2. This means some restrictions need to be in place and measures followed to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. The safety of our teams, customers and communities remains a top priority.

Here are just some of the ways you can interact with us, as our regional and real estate offices, saleyards, retail, water and wool stores operate under Alert Level 2.

  • 1 metre physical distancing is required between people.
  • Customers will be required to complete contact tracing forms at each site.
  • Some saleyards will have restrictions to keep below 100 people on site.
  • Saturday trading will resume at our retail stores from 23 May.
  • Our Reps can travel between regions to deliver on-farm services
  • On-farm services can be conducted face to face maintaining 1 metre physical distancing.

View our Alert Level 2 quick guides to learn more.

We know many farmers and growers across the country continue to operate under challenging circumstances. If you have an questions around how we can help support you and your business, please reach out to us.



COVID-19 Alert Level 1 Update

12 June 2020
Thank you New Zealand for your support and uniting against COVID-19.  We’ll continue to work alongside our customers, to support our rural businesses and communities during Alert Level 1.

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