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20 September 2019

September Wool Report 2019

This week The Country's Jamie Mackay is joined by PGG Wrightson GM for Wool Grant Edwards to talk about the current wool market, including a recent bounce back in wool prices locally as well as in Australia.
Livestock Update August
17 September 2019

Livestock Market Update September 2019

Sheep & Beef

Shane Gerken - South Island Livestock Manager 

The start of the lambing season has gone pretty smoothly for most. There are good survival rates being reported and lambs look like they are doing well.

Traditional cattle remain popular while buyers remain selective with the longer-term or dairy beef types. With top quality beef steers able to fetch up to $3.40- $3.50/kg and more is expected to come out as spring unfolds. It is still a bit early for buyers to be looking for one-year cattle and this market is varied depending on the quality of what is on offer.

Farm gate lamb prices are now achieving the same price as this time last year. The average sits at $8.30/kg, within a range of $8-$8.50/kg, depending on who you supply.

The mutton price continues to lift, with a range of $5.30-$5.80/ kg being reported.



Jamie Cunningham - National Dairy Sales Manager

Defer-a-bull campaign is well underway, with sign ups coming in well, and with the current cashflow situation that our clients are facing, I feel the product will be heavily used this year. It’s a simple product that gets used year on year by clients and I think without doubt it is the best currently in the marketplace.

With bull sales about to start if you haven’t already now is the time to talk to your agent regarding your requirements for mating. For up-coming bull sales and dates please visit the Agonline up-coming sales section on our website.

We currently have strong enquiry for quality surplus In-Milk or CTP cows and heifers with current numbers available being very low, buyers are responding well to quality lines.

Export heifers are s till in hot demand with delivery options ranging from October through to February 2020 so if you are interested in discussing this further please contact your agent for information.



Callum Stewart - Livestock Genetics Manager

August has seen the genetics representatives commence the viewing and selection of yearling bulls, ahead of their sale season over the months of September and October. A kind winter in most places sees the bulls on offer in great, forward condition. There is great genetic diversification within each breed, which ensures commercial clients in the market of buying heifer bulls are spoilt for choice. Yearling bull sales are held throughout the country, to further your reach of selecting a sire most beneficial to your operation. No matter what the end product looks like for you, there is a bull to suit, and the PGG Wrightson Genetics Team are here to assist you in making an informed decision. Get in touch today to see how we can help you to achieve in breeding better business. 

Photo Competition
13 September 2019

What happens to images submitted for the 2021 Calendar Competition

If you've submitted photos to our Landmarks Photo Collection, you may be wondering what happens next. We’ve outlined what happens behind the scenes once submissions close.

Photo submissions

Participants can submit photos from 2 September 2019 right through until 30 June 2020.  The long submission period provides you with more opportunity to submit a photo, and means we receive photos throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter. Once submissions close, we prepare photos for the Calendar Competition judging.

Calendar judging 

Judging  for the calendar takes place in August and our panel of PGW representatives and a professional photographer review high resolution prints of all the photos.  The panel are tasked to shortlist the photos until they eventually find the final calendar images and supreme winner.

Checking eligibility of winners

We review all of the winning images to check the Calendar Competition terms and conditions have been met and if proof of consent for photographed persons or property is required. We also check to ensure the winners meet our definition of an amateur photographer.

Winners will be contacted by phone or email shortly after judging has been completed, and have 14 days to provide the necessary confirmation or consent documentation.

Announcing the winners 

A public announcement is made in early September on our website and Facebook page. The calendar artwork is sent to print in October and is later delivered to thousands of New Zealand rural letterboxes plus PGG Wrightson stores in November.


So if you've submitted a photo for our 2021 Calendar, we hope this sheds some light on what happens to your submissions and what to expect if you are selected as a winner. If you still have a question, please feel free to email

11 September 2019

PGG Wrightson Livestock Roundup 6 September 2019

Callum Stewart joins Anna Thomas on the dailty report to discuss bull sales, bidr and the livestock market.


Two Year Bull Sales

The two year bull sales saw it's best season in five years with farmers showing real confidence in the products they're purchasing. Breeders are producing a good product and advancements in genetics are rewarding commercial farmers with quality stock.


Yearling Bull Auctions

With upcoming yearling bull auctions kicking off around the country it's time to get young, proven genetics into the industry. It's a challenging time in the dairy market with dairy farmers restricted with what they can pay for yearling bulls, although the recent Fonterra announcement has put some confidence back.



PGW Genetics is already seeing the benefits of New Zealands online livestock selling platform bidr for Genetics sales. The nationwide reach and reduced costs make bidr a valuable tool for farmers to leverage when selling stock.


Livestock Market

Anna and Callum also talk about the general state of the industry where hogget is seeing good returns at the saleyards and the store market is starting to lift.

10 September 2019

September Wool Report

This week The Country's Jamie Mackay is joined by PGG Wrightson GM for Wool Grant Edwards to talk about the current wool market, including some spectacular sales and the influence of the USA, China trade war.
Livestock Market Update April 2019
4 September 2019

Short Supply Driving Up Dairy Livestock Market

Trade in dairy livestock has been light during the winter, with few quality animals available.

PGG Wrightson National Dairy Livestock Manager Jamie Cunninghame says, with demand exceeding supply, prices have been buoyant.

“Anything available is selling well, and in the spring, anyone who offers stock with any quality will be well received by the market. 

“Buyers are keen. Our sales of mixed age cows have ranged between $1400 and $2000 per head in recent weeks. Even for lesser cows prices are strong, boner cows are similarly scarce at present, with the meat value holding them up, too. 

“Numbers are low. Because neither quantity nor quality is exceptional at present, when the right animals become available, the market has upside,” he said.

Younger stock are also scarce. Significant enquiry from China recently has focused on rising one year heifers. With less stock available than at this time last year, Jamie says the market is strong.

“We do not have large numbers of animals traded at present, in which case supply and demand is driving values. Where quality is available, it is selling well,” he said. 

Coming up soon and running through to mid October, the bull sale season will feature sales throughout the country, through saleyards, and on-farm. This is prompting plenty of farmers to apply for a PGG Wrightson Defer-A-Bull purchase agreement, enabling them to finance a bull team with no upfront cost and no re-payments until the bulls are sold.

Jamie says Defer-A-Bull is a proven winner for many farmers.

“For most of our customers, who would otherwise have to go to the bank to secure extra capital to fund their bull purchases every year, this is a preferable option. Defer-A-Bull gives the ability to invest in your bull team when you need it, without putting any pressure on funds early in the season, when cashflow can be tight. 

“It is easy to use and a great way to fund your bull purchases. Any farmer who is interested should talk to their local PGG Wrightson rep about the simple application process,” he said.

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