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Wool News Summer 2020: Maintaining Preparation Standards
19 November 2020

Wool News: Maintaining Preparation Standards

Despite low crossbred prices, growers need to stick to a high standard of wool preparation to maximise wool returns. We need to maintain New Zealand’s reputation for producing a high quality product, which all begins on farm and in the woolshed. 

Use of non-scourable raddle on your sheep is likely to cause problems. Non-scourable raddle cannot be washed out. Please ensure the raddle you use is water soluble.

Please ensure bales are kept free from foreign materials. If undetected, this form of contamination has serious implications for manufacturers. This photograph is of a pair of pink and black synthetic socks recently found in a bale at the wool scour.

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Wool News: Genetics breakthrough on measuring methane levels emitted by sheep

19 November 2020

New Zealand farmers are the first in the world able to breed low methane-emitting sheep.

A ten year breeding programme funded by the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGGRC) and the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre resulted in a breeding value for methane emissions.

AgResearch scientist Dr Suzanne Rowe led the research. She says comparing flocks separated into low and high emitting, on average there was a difference of 11 per cent of methane emitted per unit of feed between high and low methane emitters, with no apparent difference in the health, productivity or profitability of the respective sheep.

“We are seeing more lean growth, carcass yield and wool production in the low methane sheep, without any negative trade-offs.”

This breeding programme, which confirmed methane emissions are heritable, allowed for the establishment of a breeding value for the trait incorporated onto Sheep Improvement Limited database (now nProve) last year.

Stud breeders have embraced the opportunity to measure the methane emissions in their stud animals.

Information from Beef+Lamb New Zealand. More detail:


PGG Wrightson Livestock Country TV Livestock Update 20 November 2020

23 November 2020
Tania Smith, General Managed of bidr, joins Mark Leishman on Country TV with an update on how bidr is settling in with the livestock industry.

bidr® Launch of Saleyard Auction Livestreaming

24 November 2020

bidr® continues its commitment to offering buyers and sellers of livestock a seamless online experience whether they are bidding at an on-farm or saleyard auction.

bidr® recently introduced its on-farm hybrid livestream auctions for on-farm/auctioneer sales which fully integrate on-farm sales with bidr®’s online trading platform. On-farm hybrid livestream auctions allow those who want to retain their traditional on-farm/auctioneer sale to reach buyers from across the country and enable farmers in remote locations to bid for stock alongside those physically at on-farm sales.

bidr® will now expand its livestock trading platform with the launch of livestreaming auctions at saleyards, to be offered to saleyards from March 2021.

Tania Smith, General Manager - bidr, is excited to bring livestreaming of saleyard auctions to the market. “Our livestreaming of saleyard auctions offering will build on the success of bidr®’s on-farm hybrid auctions which have been very well embraced by the livestock genetics community and increasingly being utilised for a variety of on-farm sales from commercial cattle sales to ram and stag sales. We have had some highly successful on-farm hybrid sales, with more than 40% of some catalogues attracting online bids and then selling up to 15% of those catalogues online.”

Since launch in June 2019, bidr® has grown to eight Accredited Agencies, and has hosted more than 220 online auctions, with approximately one-third in the on-farm hybrid livestream format.

Peter Newbold, PGW General Manager Livestock and Real Estate, said “The introduction of livestreaming saleyard auctions is a significant enhancement to bidr®’s offering. It increases the visibility of saleyard auctions and expands the pool of buyers as farmers can buy and sell beyond their traditional geographical localities, giving them more market access, more knowledge, and more choice. The traditional saleyard environment that will be available as a livestream auction will provide farmers new to online auctions with the comfort of a familiar environment.”

*bidr® is a wholly owned subsidiary of PGG Wrightson Limited

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