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1 September 2019 External Supplier

Made in New Zealand for New Zealand farmers

VETMED is a New Zealand brand of animal health products manufactured locally, formulating both novel and generic solutions to overcome local parasite challenges. Everything made, including control release capsules, pour-ons, oral drenches, liquid concentrates and applicators, are developed specifically to perform in New Zealand farming conditions.  

Launched in 2011, VETMED is owned and operated by Doug Halligan, Jon Petherick and Gary Harrison. Innovation, agility in responding to New Zealand farmers’ needs and rigorous on-farm testing are core values of the company. Chemists, Jon and Gary work on every VETMED product, from concept to completion, while Doug handles sales. “We work closely with a network of industry experts who are on-farm all the time. With centralised research and development, we can afford to put all our energy and expertise into creating groundbreaking products that will work for Kiwi farms,” says Gary.

“We are a small manufacturer so this gives us plenty of flexibility to move quickly and make products where there is a need. We also make significant investment in research and development, always looking for better options for New Zealand farmers.

“We now have a deer drench product going through registration and it’s a great solution for our deer farmers. For us, that’s a great result” says Gary. This is an example of how VETMED work with an industry group to innovate and commercialise a product for a small market in New Zealand.

“Jon is a whizz at formulation,” continues Gary. “He innovates at every stage of development; how stable a product is, how easy it is to use. A great formulation developer means the product is always fit for purpose.” 

The manufacturing plant is located in East Tamaki where they employ eight to 12 people, depending on the season. Over the past four years, VETMED’s product range has been constantly expanding as sales have increased. “Essentially, we have grown to meet farmers’ requirements,” Gary says. “We have worked on new formulations, new actives and ongoing trials to ensure our products are reliable.”

VETMED’s Cyromax Spray-On was launched in 2017. For use on lambs at docking, it prevents flystrike. It is also safe to use on lambs pre-weaning. 

“A second formulation of this active, Cyromax Liquid, has seen good uptake by farmers who have found that it mixes well and is easy to apply, both important factors when you are in the back yards,” adds Gary.

With eight years in the making, Triplemax i-Tape was VETMED’s own development. “There are a number of combination drenches available,” explains Gary. “In most cases, the drugs are dissolved in both oil and water, much like a salad dressing. Like salad dressing, the formulations separate. We got rid of the oil, developing a water-based product that does not separate. We also micronised the praziquantel to improve efficacy, as was supported in field trials¹.

“We are proud to have developed a unique and innovative solution in Triplemax i-Tape. It is effective for tapeworm and roundworm control because it uses a unique patented aqueous/micronized suspension system. Field trials in New Zealand have shown improved parasite control against some products¹.”

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Sponsored by VETMED

¹ VETMED Trials, Helensville, New Zealand, 2013.

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