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1 September 2018 External Supplier

Flystrike protection post-docking

As the wounds caused by docking act as an attractant to flies, it is important that any treatment applied to lambs provides protection until these wounds have completely healed.

has shown that even relatively small strikes cause a marked loss in appetite in the affected animal with a resulting rapid loss in weight. Recovering this lost weight can take significant time¹.

Treatment types
Ready to use, water based insect growth regulator formulations containing the potent active ingredient dicyclanil, such as CLiKZin Spray-On and CLiK Spray-On are applied by many farmers as docking flystrike preventative treatments.

The benefits of these products include:

  • The wide margin of safety to operators, which is a significant issue during docking where animals are handled closely and contact with the formulation used is unavoidable.
  • The wide margin of safety to livestock, particularly important when treating young animals at docking and when the product is applied near the tailing wound.
  • Water based formulations are non-flammable, an essential feature where a searing iron is used for tailing. It is important to remember that where the product is applied is the area protected against flystrike, if back or shoulder strike is anticipated, product should be applied to these areas also.

Length of protection
The label of each product indicates the expected duration of protection against flystrike in sheep and should give an indication of the duration of protection when used after docking. CLiKZiN Spray-On contains 12.5 g per L dicyclanil and provides flystrike protection for six to nine weeks. CLiKZiN Spray-On has a seven day meat withholding period.

CLiK Spray-On contains 50.0 g per L dicyclanil and provides flystrike protection for up to 18 weeks. CLiK Spray-On has a 35 day meat withholding period for coarse wool sheep and 56 day meat withholding period for fine wool sheep.

Choosing the right product for your stock is important, contact your local PGG Wrightson Technical Field Representative for more information.

Supplied by Elanco

1Heath et al., (1987) The effects of artificially-induced fly-strike on food intake and liveweight gain in sheep. N.Z vet J.35: 50-52 2.

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