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Rural Diary July
1 July 2019 External Supplier

Servicing that matters

Whilst it may seem not that long ago that irrigation was turned off, winter is an ideal time to check, replace and repair your equipment before you need it again soon.

By now all irrigators should be “winter ready”. Pumps and irrigators should be drained, all cords and other moveable parts should be tied neatly and away from the ground and most importantly, your irrigation equipment should be safely stored or placed in a way it’s best protected during the winter months. 

A thorough inspection is additionally required to prevent downtime and ensure cost efficiencies when the irrigation season starts again. Clayton Lucas, National Operations and Service Manager for PGG Wrightson Water, says that some of the most common issues found in the field during their winter servicing programme include: 

  • Nozzle and sprinkler wear on irrigators, causing excess water use and uneven distribution of water.
  • Pumps using excess energy due to pump wear, increasing your energy bill for no return.
  • Uneven tyre pressures on any given pivot span, resulting in excess rutting in paddocks and excessive drivetrain wear. 

Compliance requirements also drive the need for this yearly servicing inspection. Any farmer that exercises a consent to apply water to land has an obligation as part of their Farm Environment Plan (FEP) to produce records showing their irrigation equipment has been well maintained. 

If you have a detailed maintenance checklist, you may feel comfortable to carry this yearly inspection out yourself. For large irrigators such as pivots and travelling hoses however, a specialist provider is often brought in at this time of the year. 

PGG Wrightson Water has the only Valley Certified Technicians in New Zealand and offers a comprehensive (up to 75 or more areas checked) winter service for most brands of pivot and linear irrigators. This includes a full electrical and mechanical warrant of fitness. Other options available from the PGG Wrightson servicing team include: 

  • Servicing of submersible, surface, house and stock water pumps.
  • Winterising of irrigators and pump sheds.
  • Servicing of OCMIS irrigators.
  • Sprinkler pack checks and upgrades.
  • Pivot panels upgrades on older machine to a newer more modern ICON panels for Valley irrigators and most other brands.

If any areas or parts need replacing the client is notified immediately, and in most cases the repairs are done whilst the crew is on-site.

BOOK YOUR SERVICE NOW: Email water@pggwrightson.co.nz, phone 0800 864 774, or fill out our enquiry form.

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