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Rural Diary August
1 August 2019 External Supplier

Your insurance against flystrike

CLiK™ Extra Spray-On is the gold standard product for flystrike prevention in sheep. Central Otago sheep and beef farmers Dougal and Sarah MacDougall can attest to that, having treated 10,000 to 15,000 lambs with CLiK every year for the last decade.

The MacDougalls own Minzion Station at Millers Flat near Roxburgh. Mostly hill country, the station is 6,300 ha and ranges from 70 to 1,000 metres above sea level. Of 30,000 stock units, there are approximately 20,000 sheep. All replacements are bred on farm.

Cold winters and dry, hot summers are characteristic of Central Otago. During summer, any rain or humidity creates the perfect breeding ground for blowflies, and flystrike can be a serious issue from both an economic and animal welfare perspective. 

For Dougal, treating the sheep to prevent flystrike is a no-brainer. He has relied on CLiK for the past 10 years. “CLiK has always been a reliable product, providing us with good peace of mind through the busy spring time and then through summer. It is great to know we have a few more weeks’ protection now with CLiK Extra” he adds.

PGG Wrightson Technical Field Representative, Aimee Dyke, has worked with the MacDougalls for the past 18 months, overseeing the switch from CLiK to the new CLiK Extra formulation. 
CLiK Extra was new to the market in 2018. “No other product gives us the length of protection as CLiK Extra, with no known resistance to blowfly. It is like insurance around here, why wouldn’t you use it!” says Aimee.

CLiK Extra contains 65 g per L dicyclanil, which is 30 percent more active ingredient than in CLiK. The new formulation gives up to an extra eight weeks’ protection (14 to 26 weeks).
Although it can be used on all sheep (greater than 10 kg), Dougal uses it only on the lambs, applying it at tailing in late November.

“I would agree that CLiK Extra is the best option” he says. “It is very easy to apply and definitely cost-effective. We only use it once a year and we keep using it because we get good results. 
“I wouldn’t be without it. You don’t want to change something that is not broken!”

The MacDougalls (and the generation before them) have been PGG Wrightson customers for the past 40 years. Why? “The people” answers Dougal. “A company is only as good as the people you deal with. Trust is a big thing and our PGG Wrightson team has certainly earned that. We use them for everything.”

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Refer to registered label of CLiK Extra for full information. Do not use on sheep less than four weeks after shearing. A shorter period of protection may occur if CLiK Extra is applied incorrectly, if there is excessive fleece soiling or if wool infections such as mycotic dermatitis (fleece rot) are present. Heavy rain following application of this product may diminish the period of protection. To achieve the best results, it is very important that CLiK Extra is applied onto all the areas to be protected. For withholding periods, visit www.pggwrightson.co.nz/CLiK-Extra.

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