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Rural Diary August
1 August 2019 Milton Munro, Technical Team Manager

Greenlight Grower Management: A farmer's perspective

Last month Jay Howes introduced Greenlight Grower Management (GLGM), and highlighted how PGG Wrightson is using this decision support software tool to improve agronomic recommendations from Technical Field Representatives (TFRs). This month, I am going to introduce the concept of accessing GLGM yourself and explain what benefits there are to owning your own farmer subscription.

When I think of farmers and growers accessing GLGM in partnership with PGG Wrightson, I see two major benefits: 

  • Traceability and compliance

     Whether it is your fertiliser records for a nutrient budget or agri-chemical application records for compliance, the requirement for farmers to supply on-farm information is increasing. To put it simply, having a paper record is simply not good enough anymore. It is too easy to lose and ultimately someone has to spend some time entering that information into a digital format.

    GLGM takes the hassle out of this process. It stores all of your agronomic recommendations and application information, and the data can be exported with ease. Imagine not having to rummage around your office trying to find a printout from your fertiliser supplier to help build your nutrient budget; imagine extracting all the data you need with the click of a button, anytime you want it, anytime you need it. 
  • Openness and accountability

    The relationship between farmer, TFR and contractor is special. There is a high degree of trust between the three groups and for the process to work efficiently and precisely, the flow of information must be seamless and quick. GLGM enhances this process.

    The TFR can enter information from the paddock directly into GLGM which can be viewed by the farmer in real time. This can then progress into a product order and the necessary information relayed to the contractor, all with the click of a virtual button. The contractor can apply the product and notify the farmer and the TFR within the system, keeping everyone in the loop. Nothing is lost to chance and everyone knows where everyone is at.

GLGM is an ever evolving platform, new functions and features are continually being developed and released into the system. One interesting new development coming in the next couple of months is the ability for farmers to manage their own internal agri-chemical stock levels. Farmers will be able to store in the system all their current stocks that are in their chemical sheds. TFRs and contractors can see these stock levels in real time and draw on them for supply when making a recommendation, effectively reducing the chance of an order being raised for product that you already have on-farm.

Using GLGM to help drive agronomic decisions offers an unprecedented level of open and efficient communication between advisors, contractors and farmers. With subscriptions starting at $450 per year (NZD), there really isn’t any excuse not to be embracing the digital age and coming on board in partnership with PGG Wrightson. 

If you would like to know more about GLGM, contact your local PGG Wrightson Technical Field Representative and a demonstration of the software can be arranged.

Milton Munro, Technical Team Manager

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