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1 October 2017 External Supplier

Proven fodder beet weed control options

With fodder beet a slow establishing crop and highly susceptible to weed competition, it is crucial that a thorough weed control programme is used.

Through its decades of experience and involvement in sugar beet production in Europe, Bayer Cropscience has developed a range of herbicide solutions for beet crops. These products and formulations have been refined and improved over many years to provide highly effective and reliable weed control, while being safe to the beet crop.

This herbicide technology has been brought to New Zealand and has proved to be equally effective here. Many of the local trials have involved assessing herbicide rates and timing of applications to monitoring efficacy on weeds and crop safety. Trials have also been conducted with other common tank mix partners to ensure that efficacy and safety is not compromised.

Bayer beet herbicide options include pre and post emergence products.

  • Nortron is a widely used pre-emergence herbicide and should be applied immediately after sowing. Nortron manages weed pressure through the crop emergence period through to beet cotyledon and two true leaf stage, where post emergence herbicides can then be safely used.
  • Betanal Quattro is an easy to use and convenient post emergence herbicide that provides knockdown and residual weed control. Betanal Quattro can be used at low rates early at the beet cotyledon stage, with rates able to be increased to control larger weeds from the beet two true leaf stage onwards.
  • Betanal Forte provides a useful post emergence contact herbicide option which needs to be tank mixed with other herbicides to provide residual control and broaden the weed spectrum.

Fodder beet crops require regular monitoring through the establishment to the crop closing in. Ensure the right product is applied at the right time. Contact your local PGG Wrightson Technical Field Representative to discuss your fodder beet weed control programme.

Supplied by Bayer Cropscience

External Supplier

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