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11 March 2019

PGG Wrightson Livestock Roundup - March 1 2019

Mark Leishman talks to PGW Livestock GM, Peter Moore in the latest Livestock Update.  This week’s interview focuses on the lift in market prices for sheep and cattle, the upcoming march activity and the release of a new online trading platform Bidr.
Market Prices 
Heading into autumn has, there is still a strong demand for both sheep and cattle across the country with a lift in market prices particularly for sheep. 
March Activity 
Through March the weaner cattle fairs are ramping up, starting in Northland then around the country, with a strong market for the traditional beef weaners. 

Bidr Release 
Field days will see the big launch of the new online trading platform Bidr which Peter describes as a virtual sale yard. Controlled auctions are booked for the March, April and May periods, with good interest from both clients and buyers. 

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