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14 August 2019

PGG Wrightson Livestock Roundup 9 August 2019

Mark Leishman caught up with Peter Moore, GM of PGW Livestock on Country TV’s Roundup on Friday, 9th August.
Listen to the full interview and find out about the current market conditions, the changes in the landscape for bobby calves, and what’s happening with stock being sold on bidr.

Market update
The sheep and beef market is very strong with sheep farmers getting really good returns for their lambs.  The strength in the market is being driven by overseas demand.
In contrast to sheep and beef, confidence in the dairy industry is low as it remains in a state of flux and with the GDT remaining fairly much unchanged.

Bobby Calves
There are more animals coming from the Dairy Industry into the beef industry as dairy farmers are recognising the value in beef cross calves that can be reared on to 100 kg.  Alongside supporting improved animal welfare, it’s a great opportunity for farmers to make a little bit more out of their calves.

bidr update
bidr is gaining good momentum through their regular weekly livestock sales which started in early July.  A large number of users have signed up as registered buyers/sellers and a good number of sales have seen total clearances.

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12 August 2019
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Livestock Market Update August 2019

21 August 2019

Sheep & Beef

Shane Gerken - South Island Livestock Manager

Buyers are being very selective with the quality of cattle they purchase, which is typical at this time of the year.

Better quality types of both traditional/beef and dairy-beef are available and these are seeing strong competition at both the saleyards and in the paddock.

Store lambs supply has begun to dry up, particularly in the South Island, with the sale yards remaining the preferred channel to buy and sell lambs.

The average lamb price has remained steady at $7.90/kg. There is a wide range of prices depending on where lambs are sent. Lambs fetched up to $8.10/kg at the top end. Mutton pricing is varied with  the most common range sitting between $5.20-$5.50/kg.



Jamie Cunningham - National Dairy Sales Manager

With calving well underway across the country our clients are very much head down at present. Feeder calf sales around the North Island are performing well with interest from calf rearers on the quality calves.

We are well underway with our Defer-a-bull campaign and discussing service bull requirements and options with our clients. Defer-a-bull has been a great tool for clients to purchase their bull teams without having to fund them up front and putting pressure on cashflow early in the season.  The success of this product is proven with its return customers, with some clients having used the product for 10 years.

We still have strong enquiry for Rising 1 year Friesian heifers with the export market into China proving to be very keen and competitive on dairy heifers.

Let’s hope that all parts of the country get an early Spring and the 2019/2020 season gets as much of that valuable pre-Christmas production out the gate as possible.



Ryan Shannan - Livestock Genetics Rep

We’ve had great success at a majority of the 2yr old sales in May and June and we look forward to preparing for the upcoming yearling sales in Spring.  

It’s now time to contact your Genetics or Livestock rep regarding bull purchases for your dairy herd. Our specialist team can offer sound advice when purchasing bulls to suit your requirements, whether your focus is on calving ease, high growth or short gestation. Using beef genetics is a powerful tool when marketing your calves, along with the extra dollars that contribute to your bottom line.

We have many options for purchasing reputable bulls, whether it’s through auction sales, private treaty or through the Bidr online Trading Platform.  Whichever way you choose to buy, we can offer EBVs to help with your selection and different price ranges to suit your requirements.

For further assistance feel free to contact your local rep who can help you with breeding better business.

PGG Wrightson Livestock Roundup 23 August 2019

28 August 2019

Mark Leishman caught up with Peter Moore, GM of PGG Wrightson Livestock on Country TV’s Roundup on Friday, 23 August.

In this interview Peter talks about what’s happening at the moment with feeder calves and bobby calves along with a quick snapshot on what’s happening in terms of prices and demand in the sheep, beef and dairy markets. 

Sheep & Beef
Prices across the country for stock, including sheep and beef remain very strong, with the demand for lamb looking to continue for at least the next 12 months. Currently we’re seeing lamb prices around $8/kg, which is being driven by the demand from importing countries wanting protein and high value meat, combined with the diminishing supply of NZ’s sheep numbers which have been tracking downwards year on year. 

We have seen strong demand for in milk cows which is an indication that there is more confidence in the dairy industry and good high BI cows are selling well back into the Dairy industry at the moment.  
Farmers who are looking to source their dairy service bulls should contact their local agent and apply for a PGW Defer-A-Bull contract – a simple solution that requires no upfront cost, where bulls can be paid for when they’re sold. Defer-A-Bull.


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