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5 July 2019

PGG Wrightson Livestock Roundup June 28

Mark Leishman talks to PGW Livestock GM, Peter Moore in the latest Livestock Update.  This week’s interview focuses on general conditions, the successful launch of bidr® at Fieldays and an update on the market. 

General Conditions
Fresh mornings and beautiful days are giving good feed utilization for farmers giving we have had a dry summer with sporadic rain. There is a worry of not having enough water to see farmers through to summer, but over the last 2 weeks there has been enough rain to get things growing and moving along and hopes are that late winter and early spring will see adequate rain to lead into summer. 

bidr® Launch
This launch exceeded expectations with high interest from clients, farmers and other agencies. There was a lot of discussion around utilizing bidr® coming into the slower parts of the season. Peter also gives a brief explanation of what bidr® is and how it works. 

General Market Update
A quiet period for the markets currently. The sheep market continues to remain strong, with high international demand for beef and lamb and a $7 pay out for dairy next year. The commodities are looking good across the board. 

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