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11 September 2020

PGG Wrightson Livestock Report - Pressure on live cattle exports

The Country's Jamie Mackay is joined by PGG Wrightson's GM for Livestock, Peter Moore, to chat about New Zealand's livestock market.

The central issue this month is live cattle exports, with the recent tragedy of the capsized vessel Gulf Livestock 1. Moore pointed out that this was a marine incident and should not be reflective of the livestock industry.

There was currently a number of cattle in quarantine ready for transport, but this recent event had added some pressure around livestock exports. It was the up to MPI and the Government to make a call on what will happen moving forward, Moore said.

Mackay asked if farmers had been paid for their live exports. Moore said there were different payment options for different companies, which could vary, depending on the type of shipment, along with contracts and agreements, export time, and other contributing resources.

Meanwhile, it was the off-season for sale yards in New Zealand, Mackay asked what was happening during this time. Moore said there was "a bit of downward pressure" on the saleyards, but fundamentally there was still demand for farmed products.

Saleyard operations during New Zealand's Covid-19 alert level 2 had been pretty much business as usual, although there had been some challenges in terms of social distancing and making sure individuals were signing in, Moore said. PGG Wrightson Livestock Report

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Sheffield Primary receives boost from Cash for Communities Programme

02 September 2020

Raising funds to provide Kiwi kids with additional resources and equipment to enjoy while at school takes considerable time and effort in fundraising. For Sheffield Primary School in Mid Canterbury, the Cash for Communities programme delivered a win recently with the school being donated $333.

Nigel Easson, Principal of Sheffield Primary School, says the money will go towards the cost of timber used to build a ga-ga ball pit (a game similar to dodgeball). The materials will be purchased from a local timber company and will be built by volunteers.

With Nigel only moving into the role at Sheffield Primary School from March this year, he has noted how hugely supportive the community is of the school. He therefore wasn’t surprised by the Cash for Communities programme donation knowing how keen local farmers are to help the school. With no caretaker employed at the school, it’s the community who volunteer on a weekly basis to ensure the school’s grounds are maintained.

As businesses deeply rooted in rural communities, PGG Wrightson and Ballance Agri-Nutrients want to keep Kiwi communities thriving. Back in 2011 the companies joined force to create a partnership to help raise funds for local organisations. By purchasing Ballance Agri-Nutrients fertiliser through PGG Wrightson this spring you can keep both your crops and pasture, and your community thriving, through the Cash for Communities programme.

Hamish Milner, PGG Wrightson Rural Supplies Darfield Store Manager, said the uptake by customers to join the Cash for Communities programme is incredibly high with them keen to give back to their local community. 

Every year Hamish and his team make a big effort to ensure all their fertiliser customers are aware of the Cash for Communities programme and get signed up. Hamish either gives customers a call or gets his local Technical Field Representatives and Arable Representatives to discuss with farmers when they’re on-farm.

Other schools have benefited recently from the Cash for Communities programme in Hamish’s area with Springfield and Darfield Primary Schools receiving donations.

What makes the Cash for Communities programme extra special for Hamish is the opportunity to present the donation cheques to the recipients within his own community allowing him to meet and talk with them.

The success of the Cash for Communities programme is due to everyone involved seeing the benefit of this initiative, from the teams at PGG Wrightson and Ballance Agri Nutrients, to their customers and the donation recipients. The recipients enthusiasm and level of appreciation is demonstrated by Nigel, Sheffield Primary School’s Principal, who has invited PGG Wrightson and Ballance Agri Nutrients representatives back to the school to take a look at the ga-ga ball area when its finished as a thank you for the donation.

Cash for communities

PGG Wrightson Livestock Roundup - 14 September

14 September 2020
Get the latest on the livestock sector in the Livestock Roundup with Peter Moore and Mark Leishman.

Breeding Better Business

15 September 2020

This spring’s yearling bull sale season began in early September, progressing through the country from the top of the North Island, scheduled to finish in Southland in late October.

“Many of the fundamentals for red meat are positive. Values close to where they were at the equivalent sales last year would leave all parties happy.

“We have slightly more bulls on offer this year. Breeders are emphasising affordability and quality. Of the predominantly Hereford and Angus bulls on offer, purpose-built breeding programs favor low birth weights and rapid growth. Purchasers look for easier calving and young stock that will mature fast, providing the opportunity to sell progeny early increasing profit for our farmers.

“Vendors are realistic. Uncertainty has made the market volatile this year. Breeding is focused on added value: providing beef product into the industry, using good genetics enables the dairy farmers the opportunity trade throughout the year, this helps with income and provides the finisher with a good quality beef product.

“At the first sales in Northland, we achieved full clearances of the yearling bulls, with prices up $200 compared to last year. While this is an early indication of positivity, we still have a long way to go.

We have clients that have selected bidr® hybrid livestreaming as an option to sell their bulls. This integrates with the auctioneer and a Nationwide reach bringing more buyers and sellers together.

Click here to view upcoming bull sales. 


Callum Stewart

National Genetics Manager

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