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PGG Wrightson GO-STOCK
22 January 2021

PGG Wrightson GO-STOCK Helping Farmers Manage Cashflow

An initiative that provides sheep and beef farmers with a livestock trading margin* with no initial cash outlay has been re-launched, with greater capacity.

Jamie Molloy, PGG Wrightson National Livestock Supply Chain Manager explains how Go-Stock operates.

“PGG Wrightson buys the stock and retains ownership, meaning no initial cash outlay for farmers using Go-Stock. The farmer grazes and grows the stock, before deciding in conjunction with their PGG Wrightson Livestock rep when and where PGG Wrightson sells them. Go-Lamb contracts are for a maximum of 300 days and Go-Beef contracts are for a maximum of 360 days.”

PGG Wrightson then pays the resulting trading margin to the farmer, less fees and selling costs.

“Go-Stock is simple to set up and easy to use. Initially established in 2015, Go-Stock meets the practical needs of the farmers involved, offering them a simple solution to ease cashflow when trading cattle or sheep. Because it has been so successful, we have significantly increased

Go-Stock’s capacity year on year, making it available to more farmers. PGG Wrightson Go-Stock has purchased 1.2 million lambs and 200,000 head of cattle since inception.”

“Those participating in Go-Stock report that it takes the pressure off decision making, frees cashflow to enable expenditure and expansion elsewhere, and adds value to their business,” he says.

“Go-Stock offers huge flexibility. Go-Stock tallies vary, from a few to thousands, depending on the size of the farming operation, with many farmers having multiple contracts throughout the year. How they use Go-Stock and what they can achieve with it will be different in every case. Its purpose is to remove the barriers that farmers traditionally face around cashflow when procuring trading stock. In conjunction with the PGG Wrightson Livestock rep the farmer decides when and where to sell the Go-Stock, the stock can be sold store or prime, this enables them to better use their capital elsewhere, thereby maximising their farming assets and expertise as required to achieve business objectives,” he says.

For further information on Go-Stock, contact your local PGG Wrightson Livestock representative, email or go online:

Find out more about GO-STOCK >

Email us at >

*Subject to contract terms.

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21 January 2021
Listen now as The Country's Jamie Mackay is joined by PGG Wrightson's Mid-South Canterbury Livestock Manager, Joe Higgins, to talk about New Zealand's livestock market.

The weather had been a blessing with rains preventing droughts. Higgins said that they were looking down the barrel of a potential drought pre-Christmas.

However, the rain was bringing trouble for grass seed farmers in mid Canterbury who needed the hot dry sun to process their crops.

Mackay said that prime lambs were back quite a bit, and they would be facing a challenging year compared to previous years, as Covid-19 was still impacting market prices on prime red meats - especially venison.

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Talking GO-STOCK With Bideford's Dion Kilmister

25 January 2021

Dion Kilmister runs 10,000 stock units out of his main breeding and finishing farm Bideford. GO-STOCK forms a big part of Bideford's growth, particularly in times where cashflow can be tight.


Cattle can be a big outlay and often at inconvenient times of the year. By leveraging the benefits of Go-Beef Dion can bring in new stock without having to purchase it.


GO-STOCK from PGG Wrightson provides sheep and beef farmers a straightforward way to stock their farms with no initial cash outlay for livestock.


Find out more about GO-STOCK here > 

Register Now for the 2021 What’s the Beef? Roadshow

28 January 2021

We are proud to be a Gold Partner and offer our support to What’s the Beef!

What's the Beef is a farmer-focussed roadshow, to be run in 10 locations across New Zealand and tailored to the commercial beef farmer. The short, multi-dimensional workshops are designed to educate producers about the added value and increased profitability that breeding quality beef can have on their businesses.

Taking place in March 2021, the events will feature the importance of Angus beef's eating qualities, what processors look for in a carcass, how nutrition management can benefit your program, and the important role that high performance genetics play in the equation.

Head to the What’s the Beef website below to find out more details and when the roadshow is on near you.


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