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15 May 2020

Livestock Roundup 15 March 2020

PGG Wrightson Livestock General Manager Peter Moore joins Mark Leishman on Country TV for the livestock RoundUp to discuss the move into Level 2 with the Saleyards reopening and bidr, the on-line selling platform for livestock transactions.

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The Livestock Roundup 1 May

01 May 2020
Peter Moore joins Mark Leishman on CountryTV for this months livestock roundup.

Livestock and alert level 2

19 May 2020
The Country's Jamie Mackay is joined by PGG Wrightson's GM for Livestock Peter Moore, to chat about livestock in regards to New Zealand's move to alert level 2.

Some sales yards did open yesterday, with smaller volumes of people through than expected. Next week will be more indicative of how much stock will come out, said Moore.

PGG Wrightson had introduced rules in line with Alert Level 2 said Moore.

The big challenge was the restriction of the number of people at auctions and social/ physical distancing that must take place.

At this stage there was to be no more than 100 people at the auctions, (excluding employees), and people needed to maintain a minimum of one meter social distance.

PGG Wrightson's number one priority was to protect their people and to protect the clients, said Moore.

PGG Wrightson's online auction system Bidr was progressing during the lockdown, said Mackay.

There had been mixed auction results, said Moore, who noted that people were still familiarising with the new technology.

Mackay wondered if previous space issues at processing plants would continue to be an issue.

Moore said this was lightening up about and there had been a real focus on processing boner cows and bull beef because there was currently a good market for it.

Ina brings a practical approach to running the company’s wool stores

29 May 2020

When Ina Nukutai first came to New Zealand in 1980 he was a schoolboy aiming to finish his education at Napier Boys High.

Born and raised in Rarotonga, Ina soon found that his ability on the rugby field, where he played at number eight, was a good way to make friends and fit in.

“I was selected for the First XV and we toured Wales in 1981/82, winning all five of our games. I found respect as a player, which helped me to establish myself in New Zealand, and motivated me to take rugby more seriously,” he says.

After finishing school he moved to Wellington, sticking with rugby at the same time as taking up a building apprenticeship. Following a return to Hawke’s Bay, while waiting for the right construction job to come up in 1987, he decided to fill in time by working as a casual in the wool store at what was then Wrightsons. Fast forward 33 years and Ina is still there, now as PGG Wrightson Wool National Logistics Manager, a job he has held since 2011.

“I found that I really enjoyed Wrightsons’ history, culture, and the people. That spirit has endured through several mergers down the years, and I’ve stayed ever since,” he says.

With responsibility for the company’s wool stores in Invercargill, Mosgiel and Christchurch, as well as home base in Napier, Ina oversees approximately 40 staff, and at any one time will have upwards of 200,000 bales of wool in his charge, co-ordinating its movement into, out of and between the stores.

“Over the last few weeks, with Covid going on, storage has been a big challenge. If the wool isn’t sold out of our stores while more wool is still coming in from shearing, we can quickly run into problems and need to find new options and extra storage space. We need overseas markets to re-open,” he says.

Ina has a hands-on style with work and prefers to actively make the most of his experience of the operation, rather than spending his days in front of a screen.

“I make sure I help the rest of the team whenever necessary, especially when numbers are short, whether that is doing data entry, covering for people on holiday, or loading out incoming wool,” he says.

His rugby career on the paddock, which included representing Wellington at colts and Hawke’s Bay at colts and senior levels, was cut short by injury. However, Ina has continued his involvement in the game, and is a stalwart of Taradale RFC, where he has played and coached the Maroons, winning three premierships, one as a player and two as coach. In addition, he has coached colts sides, served as club captain and president and is now a life member of the club.

Family also plays a big part in his life. Ina’s daughter Amy recently started working for PGG Wrightson in the Porirua retail store. Ina and wife Fiona spend time regularly back in Rarotonga, where they have built a holiday home, while his two nephews Karika and Roimata both live with Ina, having followed the same path as their uncle from Rarotonga to Napier to finish their education.

Although crossbred wool is going through tough times, Ina reckons it will come through.

“When you look at how Merino is going, we can take a lesson out of that. People need to understand that our wool is the best in the world. If we can access the end users, making sure they realise the quality of wool, and its natural characteristics, the future of our fibre is good,” he says.

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