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Livestock Market Update: Locky May Staff Profile
26 May 2021

Livestock Market Update: Staff profile - Locky May - doing right by farmers who put their trust in him

‘It’s good to see clients happy. If they are happy, that’s what I call success.’

Locky May is a member of a long established Central Canterbury farming family: previous generations have worked the same sheep and cropping property just out of Darfield for more than 150 years.

Locky is a dairy livestock representative for PGG Wrightson in Canterbury, starting in the role last December, having come through the company’s academy programme and working as a sheep and beef trainee for the previous two years.

His initial aim since starting the role has been to build relationships.

“I have learnt a hell of a lot over the last six months. Although I knew the basics, there was, and still is, so much more to learn. Farmers understand that and have been supportive. Slow and steady wins the race. I don’t want to rush in then over promise and under deliver. I want to do right by the people who put their trust in me. 

“With many farmers I say to them: ‘You’ve done this longer than me. You will teach me more than I can teach you.’

“When I have a clear opportunity to add some value or help their business, that’s where a good long-standing positive relationship comes in. I’m aiming to be the person to call for honest, reliable, helpful information,” he says.

Locky‘s high school years were spent boarding at Waitaki Boys, Oamaru, after which he worked as a shepherd for three years on multiple properties, including the iconic 8000 hectare Hukarere Station, West Otago, and Wairaki Station, Blackmount, Western Southland.

Back on home soil, he is thoroughly enjoying life as a livestock representative.

“Seeing people do well, seeing them move forward, growing their business. As a rep, if the farmer is happy you are happy. It’s good to see clients happy. If they are happy, that’s what I call success.

“Being a livestock agent is a real privilege. We see so much of the countryside, and the networking is important. If you are a social person it’s great being able to put that into your job. It’s different to the real physical side of shepherding: not being out there any longer, walking the hills every day. Although that was good, I knew I wasn’t going to do it forever,” he says.

As a Canterbury based dairy rep, Locky is seeing farmers adapt to new land and water use regulations.

“That is important in my role. With all the new environmental rules, stock numbers will have to come down. Farmers have to focus on genetics to create more production out of less cows. Part of my role is to understand that, so I can help clients and point them in the right direction to make their business as productive as it can possibly be,” he says.

Outside work Locky spends as much time outdoors as possible, supporting Darfield in Ellesmere open grade rugby during the winter, hunting whenever he can, and jet boating in the summer.

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Livestock Market Update: Successful bobby calf partnership continues

26 May 2021

Dairy farmers again offered convenient and competitive sale option.

PGG Wrightson’s successful partnership with farmer co-operative Alliance continues this year, offering dairy farmers a convenient and competitive option for the sale of bobby calves.

Alliance has a proven system, with procurement, regular pick-ups and plants across the South and lower North Islands. A volume supply premium makes this particularly worthwhile for those with larger farming enterprises.

This three way partnership, involving farmers, the processor and PGG Wrightson as the livestock agent, has given great value to all parties for several years. We continue to welcome back repeat suppliers: they like the system, which is simple and competitive.

For more information, and to sign up to supply your bobby calves to Alliance this year please contact your PGG Wrightson Livestock representative.

Jamie Cunninghame, PGG Wrightson National Dairy Livestock Manager

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10 June 2021
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Livestock Market Update: Feeder calf sale season starts soon

08 July 2021

Uncertainty around dairy beef recedes as M bovis risk becomes better understood.

This year’s feeder calf sale season starts shortly, beginning in Waikato, where significant quantities of calves are likely to go through the sales over the next two months.

With risks associated with M bovis now better understood, the uncertainty around dairy beef that has prevailed over the past two years should be less evident this year.

Rearers ready to take Friesian bull calves and beef cross bulls and heifers through the coming months or beyond will have plenty of young stock to choose from, which is a positive as the red meat industry depends on their efforts to keep the beef supply chain operating effectively.

Large yardings are also expected for sales in Taranaki and Manawatu, where two sales per week will roll through at the same complexes. Bay of Plenty and Northland sales also influence the availability of calves coming to the market.

In the South Island feeder calf sales in Canterbury, Otago and Southland will be the main focus. We also facilitate paddock sales straight from farmers’ sheds when opportunity arises.

For anyone uncertain about the business risk associated with rearing feeder calves or in doubt about feed availability, PGG Wrightson can assist to negotiate forward contracts linking rearers to farmers seeking to take on stock from 100 kilograms and beyond, either to finish them or take them to the next step. 

Contact your local livestock rep for assistance.

Jamie Cunninghame, PGG Wrightson National Dairy Livestock Manager 

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