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Bull Sales
8 May 2020

Livestock Market Update May

Bull Sales

Callum Stewart - Livestock Genetics Specialist

Bull Sales 2020

Our Bull selling season is about to kick off from the 13th May at 1pm.

With the very first of our Auctions being held online @ bidr.co.nz, check out the auction here. The catalogue is also available online here.

The very first sale up is our PGG Wrightson Online Angus bull sale, with 15 very impressive Bulls on offer. They have been run together at the Allflex BEU in Manawatu since late November 2019. This line up would have to be the best bulls we have seen as a group from across NZ. This is in the eye of the beholder - but you can appreciate good breeding when you know it.

Our online sale will also be live streamed on bidr® from 12.40pm and will have a running commentary before and during the auction. We will be discussing the Bulls breeding attributes and other attributes of interest. This is a new concept for bidr® but a vital change to hear and see the auctioneer as you would at an on-farm auction.

Our campaign of selling bulls consists of supporting all breeds. This year given the challenges we face, our clients' sales will be a mix of private treaty, bidr® online aucitons and potentially on-farm auctions depending on Government restrictions and levels. We intend to support them with their choice and one thing for sure is the commercial client’s still need Bull power on any market and require getting the cows in calf for future progeny. “When New Zealand wins, we all win”.

We look forward to updating you with progress on sales and you can follow us online here and on Facebook here to see what’s happening in this fast paced changing world.



Jamie Cunninghame - National Dairy Sales Manager 

With May upon us now, the dairy teams are very busy with heifer deliveries and herd inspections along with final selections as gypsy day is fast approaching.

As we move through the Covid-19 situation we have been challenged by the traditional ways that we conduct our Dairy Livestock business which on a normal year is very busy with clearing sales, a mix of on-farm and combined vendor sales at the yards.

Due to the restrictions that we have had to work within, our team has been required to adapt and think outside the square with trading livestock over the past 6-8 week period, something that the team have done very well in a challenging environment.

The highlight over the last week has been the bidr® on-line dispersal sale of the Carnmor Jersey Stud – Richard and Pauline Adam and family from Te Awamutu. The stud was founded in 1964 and without doubt is regarded as one of the very best Jersey herds in the country. The sale was conducted over a 4-day period on bidr® with a huge amount of interest from right across the country.

Over the 4 days

  • M/A Cows were sold with an average price of $3,196
  • In Calf Heifers were sold with an average price of $3,180 and a top price of $22,200 for Carnmor Stars Trixie
  • 209 lots sold with an average of $3,189.

The Adam family were very happy with the result and the bidr® platform. They have given us along with bidr® the opportunity to sell their Rising 1yr Heifers on the 22nd May, which i’m sure will be another sale that will create a lot of interest.

This sale was conducted in conjunction with Brian Robinson with Andrew Reyland leading the charge for PGG Wrightson. Well done to everyone who was involved in this sale and a big thanks to the very committed, professional team at bidr® for all their efforts.

Let’s hope for a kind month of weather to enable the country to get into a good feed position before the winter sets in.


North Island Sheep and Beef

Matt Macfie - National Livestock Sales Manager 

What a 6 weeks this has been! Nationwide lockdown, drought, lack of feed, lack of kill space and sale yards closed all at the same time. We have all been adapting as we need to and showing immense patience also. As a rural community we have all contributed to the great national response to Covid-19 and as I write this today lets hope the government believe that it is safe enough to move alert levels and we can reopen sale yards and begin to work in our new normal world. As a company we will be ready to go as soon as we have the green light. There will be new protocols to follow and this will have some impact on how we can operate but at the end of the day we can get back to live auction selling.

Online selling via bidr® has seen some great success with regular auctions and some good clearance rates. There has also been some less than successful auctions but I am pleased to see both agents and the bidr® registrations continuing to come back and keep trying. Moving forward this platform will be a valuable tool to have to add to our string of solutions for all our clients. An example of where bidr® really comes into its own was last week during one sale we had bids from Whangarei to Winton! That’s a reach you cannot get anywhere else!.

As we move forward it has been great to see some moisture in the air for our Northland farmers who have been stuck in the dry for months. Now the parched Hawkes Bay and east coast regions are the sole areas still struggling with extreme dry conditions and lack of feed. As sale yards look to reopen we are going to be busier than ever finding space for the remaining stock from these regions as we try and help our clients manage their business through this very difficult period.

During times such as these it is important that we all look out for our friends, colleagues, neighbours and anyone in our industry and support them in any way we can.

Stay safe and be kind.

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