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Livestock Market Update: Demand for dairy herds growing
20 January 2021

Livestock Market Update: Demand for dairy herds growing

Take advantage of PGG Wrightson’s experience and market intelligence

For those intending to purchase a dairy herd for next season, now is the time to act.

Global Dairy Trade trends so far this year mean confidence in the payout is as good as it has been for awhile. On the back of that, demand is strong, and likely to grow, with good quality dairy herds highly sought after.

Anyone in the market for a herd should make contact with their PGG Wrightson Livestock agent early to discuss the options and update themselves on current national and local market intelligence. Herds for sale are marketed through AgOnline. Click here to visit the AgOnline website.

We specialise in bringing vendors and purchasers together. With PGG Wrightson’s experience sitting behind any contract our team negotiates, all parties can be assured that the deal will be sound and we will assist with the whole process from signing to settlement. 

With a range of herd values in the present market, results for transactions set to settle in May and June have been satisfactory. We are now at the business end of the season, so market activity over the next few weeks is set to increase.

Jamie Cunninghame, PGG Wrightson National Dairy Livestock Manager 


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