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Photo Competition
13 September 2019

What happens to images submitted for the 2021 Calendar Competition

If you've submitted photos to our Landmarks Photo Collection, you may be wondering what happens next. We’ve outlined what happens behind the scenes once submissions close.

Photo submissions

Participants can submit photos from 2 September 2019 right through until 30 June 2020.  The long submission period provides you with more opportunity to submit a photo, and means we receive photos throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter. Once submissions close, we prepare photos for the Calendar Competition judging.

Calendar judging 

Judging  for the calendar takes place in August and our panel of PGW representatives and a professional photographer review high resolution prints of all the photos.  The panel are tasked to shortlist the photos until they eventually find the final calendar images and supreme winner.

Checking eligibility of winners

We review all of the winning images to check the Calendar Competition terms and conditions have been met and if proof of consent for photographed persons or property is required. We also check to ensure the winners meet our definition of an amateur photographer.

Winners will be contacted by phone or email shortly after judging has been completed, and have 14 days to provide the necessary confirmation or consent documentation.

Announcing the winners 

A public announcement is made in early September on our website and Facebook page. The calendar artwork is sent to print in October and is later delivered to thousands of New Zealand rural letterboxes plus PGG Wrightson stores in November.


So if you've submitted a photo for our 2021 Calendar, we hope this sheds some light on what happens to your submissions and what to expect if you are selected as a winner. If you still have a question, please feel free to email photocompetition@pggwrightson.co.nz.

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