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6 June 2019 External Supplier

Energizer battery maintenance

To maximise the life of your energizer battery, there are a few things to consider:

  • Choose the correct size battery for your system.
  • House the battery in a suitable battery box if the battery is likely to be exposed to the weather.
  • Inspect the battery regularly to ensure that the battery electrolyte level does not fall below 12 mm (½”) above the surface of the battery plates.
  • The use of de-ionised, distilled or rain water is recommended to top up the battery electrolyte level.
  • Recharge a discharged battery as soon as possible.
  • Store spare batteries completely charged and recharge at regular intervals (every 8 weeks).
  • Avoid subjecting batteries to temperature extremes < -10° C (14° F) or >50° C (120° F).

External Supplier

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