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Payment Options

Need to pay your account?  The easiest and most reliable way is by direct debit. 

With a direct debit your PGG Wrightson trade account is paid automatically from your nominated bank account on the due date.  Once we have received the completed form, we will set up the direct debit on your PGG Wrightson account for any future purchases.

If you have a current account balance that you wish to be paid by direct debit, please contact us on 0800 10 22 76 to make arrangements.  We need at least 3 working days' notice prior to payment date to add or change your bank account number.


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Making payments to PGG Wrightson

If a direct debit isn't for you, below are alternative ways you can make a payment on your account.


Electronic Bank Transfer 

You can pay your account electronically via phone or internet banking. To ensure your payment is on time please select PGG Wrightson in your bank’s bill pay process or pay to:
Bank Account # 02-0900-0240050-000

Please enter the following:

  • Particulars: Your account Name
  • Code: Your statement or invoice number
  • Reference: Your account number*
    (Located on the top right hand corner of your statement or invoice.)

*Providing your account number will help us identify your payment quickly.


Paying your account in store

You can make a payment at your local PGG Wrightson store.  If paying your account via credit card a 2.3% (incl GST) surcharge will apply.


Paying via Cheque

After 30 April 2021 we will no longer be able to accept account payments via cheque from any bank. To ensure you settle your account on time please use any of the other payment methods mentioned above.

Receiving payments from PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson is going cheque-free. This means from early 2021 we will no longer be able to issue cheques to customers for proceed payments. We recommend customers provide us with a bank account number so payments can continue to be made without delay via direct credit.  You can learn more about these changes here >


Direct Credit 

Direct Credit is a fast and easy way for you to receive payments such as proceeds or refunds from PGG Wrightson. We need at least 3 working days' notice prior to payment date to add or change your bank account number.

Contact us with your PGG Wrightson customer number AND your bank account number in one of the following formats:

  • Screenshot of your bank account name and number from your internet banking website
  • Pre-printed Bank Deposit Slip
  • Image showing the top of a bank statement showing your bank account name and number
  • Verified copy of the bank account number from the bank (bank stamped)

Download a Direct Credit Authorisation form or email the above information to enquiries@pggwrightson.co.nz

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