Buy or Sell Livestock

PGG Wrightson is the only nationwide business servicing the needs of New Zealand's livestock industry. We provide agency services for the sale and purchase of livestock through auction, private sales, on farm sales and specialist stud stock sales.

We handle all categories of livestock including sheep, beef and dairy cattle, deer, pigs and goats and manage the supply of prime stock to clients in the meat processing sector. The nationwide team of experienced livestock representatives can offer a range of options when it comes to helping you purchase or sell stock and provide valuations.




PGG Wrightson provides livestock Saleyard selling services throughout NZ. At auction buyers can elect to bid themselves or use the services of our livestock team to bid for them. If you would like to sell your stock through any of the saleyard auctions please get in touch with your local Livestock Representative who will talk you through the necessary steps.


Private Treaty


If you are interested in buying or selling livestock and want to do it directly from farm to farm then get in touch with your local PGG Wrightson Livestock Representative. Being a nationwide company covering the expanse of the country offers a huge pool of livestock to source buyer requirements. If your Livestock Representative doesn’t immediately have someone in mind then your listing or request will be entered onto our daily quote sheet which is sent to every Livestock Representative daily.


On Farm Auctions


PGG Wrightson is the auctioneer and facilitator of many private on farm auctions throughout the year. Some sales are regular calendared events and others are clearing sales which are advertised in local newspapers and the PGG Wrightson website If you are interested in purchasing  livestock at these auctions, you are welcome in person or if you are unable to attend talk to your Livestock Representative who is able to bid on your behalf. If you have a significant line of stock to sell and think that the interest in the lots would warrant a specific date on the rural calendar then please discuss with your livestock representative.


Forward Contract


The PGG Wrightson Contract for Sale and Purchase of Dairy Cattle is the industry standard.

This legally binding document is peace of mind for both parties. From the time of signing through to delivery / settlement, our representatives are fully involved; monitoring condition score, ensuring relevant information is communicated between parties, and ensuring client expectations and obligations are met.

PGG Wrightson also has forward contracts available for lambs and beef animals




Agonline is PGG Wrightson's premier livestock trading site that allows you to buy and sell sheep, beef, deer and dairy livestock online anytime, anywhere. Once you've registered you can list livestock, browse listings, add livestock to your watchlist, bid on live auctions and compete the entire transaction online.

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