Seed and Arable Production

Seed and Arable Production

PGG Wrightson Seeds undertakes production in a number of territories. In order to ensure an adequate supply of high quality seed PGG Wrightson Seeds has a team of dedicated production field agronomists (including agronomists with intimate knowledge of specialist multiplication vegetable seed crops) with extensive agronomic skills to supervise the production of varieties which are contracted for local and international markets.

The production function is supported by excellent seed production, agronomy and research and development capabilities to support new crops and seed production practices.

Contracted Growers

PGG Wrightson Seeds contract with growers to produce  a wide range of small seed forage cultivars to meet the needs of domestic businesses in New Zealand, Australia and also the International market. Species contracted include ryegrass, tall fescue, cocksfoot, white and red clover, lucerne, forage herbs, turf grasses, forage cereals and forage brassicas.

In the Canterbury region there is a dedicated Arable Representative team that provides a complete package of services to growers including offering of contracts, cereal and commodity seed purchasing, agronomic advice, agrichemical sales and market information.