International Seed Business

PGG Wrightson Seeds is one of the largest proprietary seed companies in the southern hemisphere, with over 400 staff and significant market presence in Australasia and South America.


The International business of PGG Wrightson Seeds focuses on four areas of expertise:

  • Proprietary Forage

  • Garden Peas

  • Multiplication

  • Commodity Trading

Quality Control

PGG Wrightson Seeds controls every aspect of its seed production, shipping and processing with its own people through its many divisions. This results in a high level of quality control and traceability. This has been under-pinned by the implementation of the Seedtrac® quality system to provide traceability throughout every part of the process. Seedtrac® documents the process from the time the stock-seed arrives in New Zealand through to when the resultant crop is shipped back to the customer.

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