Garden Peas

Garden Peas

PGG Wrightson Seeds has been in the pea seed business for more than 100 years, dating back to when pea seed was first developed for the English and UK pea seed markets using New Zealand as a southern hemisphere production region.

Today, PGG Wrightson Seeds are involved in the evaluation, production and marketing of pea seed, with these activities based largely on the Canterbury Plains of the South Island of New Zealand and on the East Coast of the North Island in the region known as the Wairarapa.

These areas are renowned for the production of high quality pea seed, where the combination of New Zealand’s temperate climate, young fertile soils, long crop rotations, North West winds and irrigation provide ideal conditions for reliable and consistent seed production.

Harvesting is undertaken in January and February each year in dry conditions with low humidity. This ensures that the production is of high quality, with regards to germination, vigour and physical quality.

Research and Development of Pea Varieties

Development of new pea varieties is undertaken through an exclusive breeding programme at Plant and Food Research, a Crown Research Institute in Canterbury, New Zealand. Further new variety evaluations are done at Kimihia Research Centre, the company’s breeding station based in Lincoln, Canterbury.

Key traits are sought in our breeding and evaluation programme and these include: pod type, pea size, flavour, maturity as well as robustness of pea seed to climatic and disease pressure. With new varieties released annually, PGG Wrightson Seeds specialises in tailoring varieties to our customers’ market segment requirements.

At our research centre our agronomists are responsible for variety maintenance which sees each and every variety (new and old) in our portfolio maintained to breeder type standards. This involves single plant selection and a monitored multiplication programme that ensures the agronomic quality of each cultivar is maintained to the breeders’ description and is distinct, uniform and stable.

Our Customers

Our pea seed is supplied to customers in many parts of the world including Africa, North & South America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and includes customers ranging from some of the major food processing companies in the southern hemisphere to seed companies catering to the handpicked seed market. For all of our customers we are committed to providing high quality products from our unique pea programme.

In addition to the production of a high quality product, PGG Wrightson Seeds has the capabilities to offer customers the service of custom bagging, treating and branding of our seed to customer specifications, a service that is highly valued by many of our customers.


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