Seed Multiplication

Seed Multiplication

Custom seed multiplication is an activity that PGG Wrightson Seeds undertakes for many customers around the world to give them the advantages of Southern Hemisphere ‘off season’ production. PGG Wrightson Seeds contracts the multiplication of grasses, clovers and vegetable seeds utilising the range of climates available, primarily in New Zealand but also across South America and Australia.

The majority of the pasture seed provided to pastoral farmers must first be grown by specialist seed growers, most of whom are based in Canterbury, New Zealand, one of the premier seed production areas in the world. New Zealand’s fertile soils, temperate climate, abundant clean water and 2000 kilometre isolation from its nearest neighbours ensures our customers receive seed of the highest quality, including quality testing for purity, germination, disease status and contaminants. The long summer day lengths associated with 340-470 south latitude are perfect for seed production.

Given that PGG Wrightson Seeds has a large number of pasture varieties and species available for purchase, this means we contract thousands of hectares of production with well over 200 growers annually.

In order to ensure an adequate supply of high quality seed, PGG Wrightson Seeds has a team of dedicated production agronomists (including agronomists with intimate knowledge of specialist multiplication vegetable seed crops) with extensive agronomic skills to supervise the production of varieties which are contracted for local and international markets

The production function is supported by excellent seed production, agronomy and research and development capabilities to support new crops and seed production practices.


For more information on Seed Multiplication please contact:

Warren Argyle
Multiplication and Trading Manager, PGG Wrightson Seeds
Office: +64 3 372 0883