Contact Us

Contact Us

For more information on PGG Wrightson Seeds, please contact the appropriate person listed below or alternatively contact PGG Wrightson Seeds at:

Phone: +64 3 372 0834
Fax: +64 3 372 0836

57 Waterloo Road
PO Box 939
Christchurch 8001
New Zealand

Our People
At PGG Wrightson Seeds we realise the success of our business is based upon not only producing high quality product, but also having experienced and knowledgeable staff to provide our customers with the services they need to run an efficient and profitable business.

Key contacts for our seed business are:

Proprietary and Commodity Products
Damian Lynch
General Manager - International
Office: +64 3 372 8702

International Business Development Manager
Stephen Bennett
Office: +64 3 372 8718

Seed Multiplication / Commodity Trading
Warren Argyle
Multiplication and Trading Manager, PGG Wrightson Seeds
Office: +64 3 372 0883

Peas and Beans
David Melhuish
Export Development Manager
Office: +64 3 372 0807