PGG Wrightson Water has a specialist lifestyle team that provide a complete systems approach to meet lifestyle requirements, including domestic pumping systems, water testing and analysis, small farm irrigation design and installation, as well as turf irrigation.


Domestic irrigation systems

  • Automatic pop-up turf irrigation systems
  • Garden micro irrigation systems
  • Dripline for shelter trees

Domestic pumping systems

  • Domestic pressure pumps
  • Deep well pressure pumps
  • Submersible bore pumps
  • Storage tanks
  • Pump sheds

Water testing and analysis

  • Chemical land mineral testing
  • Microbiological testing

Design, sales and service of water treatment systems

  • Cyst filtration and UV disinfection
  • pH correction
  • Water Softeners
  • Media filters

Small farm irrigation design and installation

  • Long line irrigation
  • K-line irrigation
  • Soft hose travelling irrigators
  • Hard hose travelling irrigators
  • Stockwater systems

Electrical installation

  • New supply installations – including provision for house supply
  • Pump electrics upgrades
  • Direct online starters
  • Soft Starters
  • Variable speed drives
  • All with our high quality switch gear and pump protection equipment

Quality installation and after sales service

  • Our own wide range of equipment and machinery
  • Experienced field technicians
  • 7 day service department

Contact Paul Busson, Sales Engineer on 03 311 8521 or 0800 TO IRRIGATE (0800 864 774) or email