With over 30 years experience in the irrigation industry we know the importance of providing the right system for your application.

A number of the world’s major irrigation equipment manufacturers choose to make their products available to the New Zealand farmers and growers via PGG Wrightson Water.

Key agency lines include Valley pivot and linear irrigators; OCMIS hard hose irrigators; RI travelling boom and big gun irrigators; Angus and Snaptite irrigation hose; Caprari turbine and submersible pumps.


Large scale irrigation systems

We have highly skilled staff in the design, installation and commissioning of irrigation systems, using components sourced from the United States or Europe. 

The business has special expertise in providing turnkey solutions in Valley centre pivots, precision corners, linear irrigators and Ocmis hard hose irrigators.

New Zealand derives economic, social and environmental benefit from irrigation in all forms of agriculture, improving reliability, quantity and quality of production and maximising farm productivity and profitability.

Our team will provide you with:

  • On site consultation
  • Comparisons between different forms of irrigation.
  • Fixed system capital cost
  • Estimated system operating costs

During our design phase we increasingly focus on:

  • Systems that maximize water efficiency
  • Systems that minimise running costs
  • Utilising components that are cost effective and reliable
  • Meeting the installation and commissioning timeline
  • Being able to provide back-up service and advice on all systems and components we sell.