PGG Wrightson Water


PGG Wrightson Water has over thirty years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of irrigation systems, and are available to all farm, orchard and lifestyle blocks throughout New Zealand.

The business unit operates predominantly in the South Island where it offers a “full service” package to farmers and horticulturists.


Full service provider

Our expertise starts at design and construction right through to system maintenance. Essential parts of an irrigated farming system are the pastures and the paddock layout. Our people are able to call upon agronomists and technical representatives to provide these services and advice.

Good decisions from good planning

The design and planning process undertaken by our qualified Design Engineers will provide you with all the information needed, including real system operating costs and comparisons between different forms of irrigation. All irrigation system designs are prepared in accordance with Code of Practice as published by the irrigation associations of New Zealand and Australia.

Products and technology

We have access to the best and widest range of irrigation and pumping technology from around the world. Products include: Valley centre pivots, precision corners and linear irrigators; Ocmis hard hose irrigators; travelling irrigators, sprinklers and K-line systems; and a range of submersible and surface pumps. The business has particular expertise providing turnkey solutions in centre pivots, precision corners, linear irrigators and hard hose irrigators.

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