Our Go Organic course will provide key knowledge and skills required for successful organic growing.

We explore the latest trends in sustainable growing, both internationally and within New Zealand. The overall aim is to build ecosystems, promote biodiversity, increase soil and plant health, instead of relying on artificial fertilisers and poisonous sprays. A practical, science-based approach is used to separate myth from fact, while exploring a wide range of organic techniques and methods. You will be introduced to a variety of design and management systems that provide useful guidelines and tools for ongoing planning, management and diagnosis - whether applied to your exisiting property or a new production venture. 

This course will be of great value to keen gardeners, plant growers, landscapers, lifestyle block owners, permaculture planners, habitat-restoration workers, orchardists wishing to convert to organic systems, as well as those seeking a healthier alternative to conventional food production.

Topics covered include:
•    Organic weed control methods
•    Basic principles of organic systems
•    Crop rotation and green manures
•    Introduction to permaculture
•    Organic philosophies and schools of thought
•    Identifying and managing pests and diseases
•    Soil health and sustainable soil management techniques
•    Establising a habitat for bees, beneficial insects and birds
•    Making compost
•    Companion planting
•    Plant knowledge
•    Soil Food Webs
•    Planning and developing an organic property... and much more!

This knowledge gained can be applied to not only food crops but also to the cultivation of any plants – from suburban gardens to pastures, orchards, shelterbelts and woodlots.  Organic philosophies also embrace principles of kaitiakitanga, which may interest Tangata Whenua involved with land management.

What will you Gain?
As well as gaining broad knowledge of sustainable horticulture and skills you can use in commercial organic growing or in the home garden, you will also gain ongoing support and friendship, a network of organic contacts and the opportunity to visit other organic properties and observe them in operation.

Course Structure and Programme Delivery
Each course typically runs over ten months with students attending weekly tutorials, workshops or fieldtrips either daytime (during school hours) OR evenings and weekends.

Our tutors facilitate excellent learning opportunities using a variety of techniques including: interactive and stimulating tutorials; group discussions; practical activities, and case studies from real-life situations.

Although the assessments on this Level 3 course are predominantly theory, there are some practical requirements. Students need to commit up to 5 hours a week to complete assignments from home.

Courses may be offered in most Agriculture New Zealand Training locations, subject to sufficient interest.

Qualification and Further Opportunities
Successful students will be awarded a Certificate in Organic Horticulture Level 3 and may progress into our Applied Organics (Level 4) course, seek employment in the Organic Industry or use the skills and knowledge they have gained to develop their own enterprise.

Fee and Enrolment Information
This course is approved for New Zealand Domestic Students and may be delivered in partnership with your local Polytechnic.  Please contact Agriculture New Zealand for details regarding eligibility to enrol, and for course fees in your area.

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