PGG Wrightson provides leadership in the field of genetics and herd development.

We have experience, knowledge, dedication and can assist with providing a recommendation for what may work for you.




We understand:

  • The importance of using the right animal (male or female) in establishing and continuing your preferred breeding programme.
  • The suitability of stock required for your commercial operation. Do you run high country, low flat country, wet, dry intensive, mixed arable, old unimproved, high powered new pasture?
  • Your area and management system all need to be considered to ensure your breeding programme delivers what works.

The Genetics team services a very large part of the 'Seed Stock' and commercial farms in New Zealand. We understand that farming animals never stops and are constantly at A&P Shows working in the back yards, covering the country, to source top quality stock.

Today, progressive farming businesses look to organisations that will add value to their endeavours by having a team with the most up to date and relevant information. Investing in planning now, will ensure you reap benefits in the future.

PGG Wrightson genetics work with a variety of farms so no matter your farm size, PGG Wrightson will demonstrate the same level of commitment and professionalism in sourcing the best stock for your genetic programme.

Here are testimonials from some farmers who have benefitted from our input:

The Port of Gisborne Farming Inc.: East Coast
Their annual store cattle draft to Matawhero saw increased premiums with buyers chasing their genetic program. The calving and lambing percentages have improved markedly.

Brian Pim: Pongaroa
Calving 95% and Lambing 167%

Otupae Station: Taihape
Correct selection of sires for high country farming has increased production significantly.

Atihau Inc.: Whanganui
The input of the right animals in their cattle and sheep have lifted production markedly. The genetic input has been pivotal to their future.

Jim Ward: Manager, Molesworth Station
Jim has contributed to the genetic team since his time with Warren Plimmer's properties 15 years ago and retained that link when joining Land Corp.


2015 Bull Sale Season


View the North Island and South Island sales for 2015.

If you require specific genetics or advice on any livestock, call the team that has been in genetics for generations:


The Team




Bruce Orr
NZ Livestock Genetics Manager
027 592 2121

Cam Heggie
Livestock Genetics Rep
King Country/Waikato/Northland/BOP
027 501 8182

Tom Suttor
Livestock Genetics Rep
Hawke's Bay/East Coast
027 446 9967

Callum Stewart
Livestock Genetics Rep
027 280 2688

Graham Sidey
Livestock Genetics Rep
North Canterbury/
027 432 1384

Callum Dunnett
Livestock Genetics Rep
Mid/South Canterbury
027 590 8612

Roger Keach
Livestock Genetics Rep
Otago/Sth Westland
027 432 5766

Callum McDonald
Livestock Genetics Rep
027 433 6443