As New Zealand's largest rural servicing company, PGG Wrightson has more than 100 specialist dairy representatives, involved in trading 150,000-plus head of dairy livestock annually.


These representatives can facilitate all of your livestock needs: completing herds; surplus cows; weaners, yearling or in-calf replacement heifers; in-milk cows; pedigree dairy stock; bobby and feeder calves; cull and boner cows; and service bulls.

PGG Wrightson's nationwide network can broker sales at on-farm, saleyard auctions, online auctions and via private treaty.

PGG Wrightson dairy livestock specialists offer quality advice in all aspects of livestock selling and purchasing. Our representatives have a clear understanding of animal evaluation records and the practical aspects of dairy farming. PGG Wrightson values building strong relationships with and adding value to clients.

The PGG Wrightson Contract for Sale and Purchase of Dairy Cattle, is the industry standard. This legally-binding document is peace of mind for both parties. From the time of signing through to delivery/settlement, our representatives are fully involved: monitoring condition score, ensuring relevant information is communicated between parties, and ensuring client expectations and obligations are met.

Key business components are:

  • Nationwide daily quoting system;
  • Website access to nationwide quotes;
  • Industry accepted recognised forward sale and purchase agreement;
  • Procurement options with meat processing companies;
  • Live export opportunities; and
  • Innovative technology - animal data screens at auctions.

Click here to view the Stock Quotes section of Agonline.co.nz, for the easy way to buy and sell livestock nationwide.

Apply for a Defer-A-Bull agreement today – a simple, cost effective solution when sourcing your dairy service bulls. Conditions apply. Contact your local Dairy co-ordinator for more information.



Dairy Livestock Managers:


Jon Lee
North Island Dairy Manager
027 839 7073


Paul Edwards
South Island Dairy Manager
0274 425 028


Dairy Co-ordinators:


Mike Laing
0275 986 736


Peter Kelly
South Auckland
0274 324 278


Allan Jones
0272 240 768

Simon Rouse
Bay of Plenty
0274 924 805


Bill Donnelly
King Country
0274 932 063


Kim Harrison
0275 010 013

Peter Forrest
Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa, Manawatu
0275 986 153


Craig Taylor
Nelson, Marlborough
0274 357 437


Rod Whale
Canterbury, West Coast
027 273 8923

David Earl
Mid/South Canterbury, North Otago
0275 908 218

  Paul Edwards
Otago, Southland
0274 425 028