Seeds and Countries


PGG Wrightson Seeds operates within the Australian market as Wrightson Seeds and Agricom. Both Wrightson Seeds and Agricom are wholesale proprietary seed businesses drawing on the Research and Development from New Zealand and Internationally as well as Australian based research and trial sites.

As well as having a proprietary seed range, Wrightson Seeds also has a seed treatment operation and distributes primarily through retail channels while Agricom sells through a network of distributors. Recently PGG Wrightson Seeds have acquired the Ballarat based seed distributor, Stephens Pasture Seeds. Along with Auswest Seeds, this now arms PGG Wrightson Seeds with two first class facilities in Australia whose operations cover seed distribution, sales, marketing, seed cleaning and mixing and seed treatment.

South America

PGG Wrightson seeds in Uruguay operates wholesale seed businesses Wrightson PAS and AgarCross, which market a range of common and proprietary seed, agrochemicals and fertiliser to retailers throughout the country. They are also developing new sales opportunities in Brazil. The businesses arrange seed production, cleaning, storage and distribution and also participate in international seed marketing in Argentina.

PGG Wrightson Seeds Uruguay also owns a controlling interest in the Alfalfares seed business in Argentina. Alfalfares is also a wholesale seed business, distributing seed to retailers particularly in the intensive livestock production sectors in Argentina. Alfalfares is involved throughout the seed supply chain, from production through processing, storage and marketing.

PGG Wrightson Seeds

PGG Wrightson Seeds supply customers with seed in over twenty countries around the world.
The key customers are located in North America, Chile, France, UK and Ireland. PGG Wrightson Seeds’ proprietary forage and turf products are proven to deliver performance benefits to farmers and amenity users in similar temperate markets to New Zealand. PGG Wrightson Seeds also have the ability to source competitively priced seed from our global production base across three continents.