Taking NZ Agriculture to the World

New Zealand is recognised globally for its leadership in many aspects of agriculture and horticulture; our farmers being regarded as some of the best and most progressive in the world.

New Zealand seed technologies and farm management practices have the potential to be applied in a number of regions around the world.


PGG Wrightson through PGG Wrightson Seeds now supplies seeds to almost all temperate countries, but South America, and Uruguay in particular, is a place of special interest to PGG Wrightson, with relationships tracing back more than 10 years and substantial investments having been made more recently.

Uruguay is the hub of PGG Wrightson Seeds' South American opportunities and is a country with many similarities to New Zealand, having a similar land mass, population and focus on export agriculture as New Zealand.

PGG Wrightson Seeds is developing as a global business, with their own and partnership Research and Development facilities located throughout the world.

Seeds and Countries