The challenge of the global business environment has reinforced the critical importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within the context of triple bottom line company reporting.

At PGG Wrightson we recognise that we need to balance the interests of stakeholders in a manner that contributes tangibly to the long-term growth of our country’s economy. This philosophy lies at the heart of our purpose of Helping Grow the Country in partnership with our people, our customers and the communities within which we operate.

PGG Wrightson has a proud and long history alongside New Zealand's rural communities.

Our CSR policy statement is our way of showing our formal commitment to our CSR objectives.


PGG Wrightson in the Community

PGG Wrightson recognises that its future is indelibly linked to the communities within which it does business. PGG Wrightson has therefore played a leading or supporting role in:

  • Assisting with regional adverse event programmes such as for drought, flood or snow
  • Sponsorship of the Environmental Awards Trust initiative
  • Facilitating the PGG Wrightson Calf & Rural Scheme, in partnership with IHC
  • Supporting community driven Shows and Field Days



As a leading provider to the agricultural sector, good environmental practice is at the heart of our business. We therefore have an obligation to make the most of our environment and to add value to what our pristine resources provide. In this regard the company advocates sustainable environmental management of land and other natural on farm resources. Practically this translates to:

  • Supporting the Environmental Awards Trust initiative
  • Development of crop monitoring systems in horticulture to enable more efficient and effective management of pests and disease
  • Shifting our vehicle fleet to diesel and minimise travel through greater use of information technology at our offices and outlets

Further, we are undertaking a number of baseline measurements that we will develop for ongoing measurement of improvements and intend to include these in future reports.


Carbon Footprint & Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

PGG Wrightson is a foundation partner in the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGGRC) which is investing in green house gas (GHG) mitigation science and options for the benefit of New Zealand livestock farmers.

New Zealand faces a challenge in implementing appropriate mechanisms for mitigating the production of greenhouse gases and passing on its obligations under the Kyoto protocol to sectors of the economy.

As part of the global community, PGG Wrightson supports efforts to mitigate the reduction of Greenhouse Gases but believes that to protect New Zealand farmers - some of the most efficient producers in the world - a common global approach is required. New Zealand should not impose a cost on its farming sector unless the majority of our major competitors globally are prepared to follow suit.